Bella’s Top Five Favorite Fashion Trends Of 2021

2021 brought about a world of new fashion trends! This article features my favorite five out of the many that rose in popularity last year.

A collage of Vogue covers over the years.

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A collage of Vogue covers over the years.

Emerging from a year of sweatpants, sweatshirts, and untouched dress-up clothes, 2021, for many, immensely changed fashion trends. Though 2021 was not the year we recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic, society still managed to create a substantial impact in the world of fashion. These are my five favorite fashion trends that have flooded my social media feeds in 2021.

Dr. Martins and Platform Converse, are two of the most fashionable shoes in 2021 (Morgan Torggler, BuzzFeed)

1. Dr. Martens and Other Platform Shoes

The debut of chunky boots premiered in Balenciaga’s runway show back in 2017 may have been the start of something new. The jaw-dropping, oversized, and eccentric boot has only become more mainstream since its introduction to the fashion industry. Inspired by a 90s nostalgic punk vibe, these shoes have returned to 2021 with a bang and seem to be here to stay. Pictured on the left in the photograph above, platform converse was written on almost every teenager’s Christmas list of 2021. Santa definitely had a high stock, because these shoes are common to see wherever you go.

Some hairstyles use claw clips, a hair tool that was popular in the ’90s and has made a resurgence! (amonettejewlery, Impressions Online Boutique)

2. Claw Clips

2021 fashion held a grip on the trends of the ’90s. Claw clips (aka butterfly clips) are a convenient tool to use for an updo! When it comes to being convenient, the claw clip is the right choice. They’re a great alternative to typical rubber hair ties that tend to cause breakage and rip out your hair. Claw clips come in an assortment of colors, so matching them with your outfits or adding a pop of color is an exciting touch to your wardrobe.

Flared Leggings: a new name for an old trend-the Yoga Pants of the 2000s. (Aerie, Maria Leonor)

3. Flared Leggings

Also known as 2000s yoga pants, flared leggings live up to the hype. Flared leggings add the extra “zing” needed that an outfit would not get with your typical leggings. Flared leggings have the ability to make oversize sweatshirts, and jackets dressy. These pants are a staple piece to add to your “comfy but cute” collection.

Layered outfits using hoodies, flannels, and jackets (Malinadambra, Valentina)

4. Jacket on Jacket

Handy during the winter, 2021 introduced a form of layering using a hoodie with a jacket on top. While it is something common and simple, it is a personal favorite because of the dimension it gives. It allows the outfit to have a variety of colors and changes the entire shape and size of the outfit. It contrasts very well with jeans, typically mom or boyfriend style. If you ever have the urge to dress like the “out of the norm” kid from any teenage movie, layering jackets will create the look!

Biker Shorts, and leggings the lengths of shorts. (asos, Sunifty)

5. Biker Shorts

Unlike the name, biker shorts did not become a trend just for bikers this year. They have become very popular in streetwear. They are shorts that come to a little above mid-thigh in the material of leggings. Worn tight, a loose graphic or solid color t-shirt completes the look and compliments the shorts very well. Biker shorts are a personal favorite because of the comfortable wear and casual style that comes with them!