For Those Who Have Run Out of TV Shows to Watch and are Looking for More, We Got You

TV shows for people out of shows to watch during the fall season

Catie Sims, Staff Reporter

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TV shows can always be a hit or miss. Maybe you have many to watch and enjoy, maybe you just have a few. But, there’s still the possibility of having none to enjoy. Maybe you just aren’t interested in actually watching any, if not I’m sorry this article may not be your cup of tea. Can’t please everyone, right? But, for those of you that may actually be on the hunt to try and find something that will fulfill your tastes of needing on-screen drama, comedy, romance, horror, any of the such, we here at The Jacket Journal have compiled a list of what we believe are TV shows, new and old, worth watching.

1. Teen Wolf

One of, if not, my all time favorite show. Though it is based on the 1980’s comedy film sharing the same name, the show takes the humor from the movie and implements it into its storyline. But, it also adds a more dramatic and serious tone to the series. It is able to satisfy your comedy and drama needs.

The story follows a teenage boy named Scott McCall and his best friend Stiles Stilinski as they get thrown into the world of supernatural when Scott is bitten by an alpha werewolf. The show is able to portray the boys’ issues with both trying to keep Scott’s secret, well, secret while also trying to go through normal teenager issues like relationships and schoolwork.

I highly recommend giving this show a shot, you more than likely won’t regret it.

2. The Office

At some point in your life, you have probably seen the memes of Michael Scott yelling about how someone ruined his life and that it’s their fault he wants to kill himself, which is not a very happy example of the show’s humor but completely represents the show.

The Office is a show about an office, obviously, with a bunch of very opinionated people who struggle to work together happily. It is always action-packed, kinda offensive, and completely entertaining. The show is worth the watch if you can handle a lot of dramatic characters working together to create even more dramatic scenes.

3. Marvel’s Daredevil

For those of you who are massive superhero fans, or would prefer to watch a more realistic take on a superhero story, this Netflix show is just right for you.

The hero of our said show is named Matt Murdock, a blind man who lives his life as a lawyer in the slums of New York City. When he realizes just how corrupt the justice system really is, he wants to take a stand to try and correct the bad people in the city by dressing as a vigilante during the night and hunting for crime. The show follows the beginnings of his decision to become a superhero, and how he tries to hide his two separate personas from his friends and his enemies. The show is dark, sad, and all around full of a lot of action.

It may be different from the Avengers, but Matt is still just as much of a hero, just a little bit more on the actual human side rather than fighting aliens.

5. Bones

Interested in finding crime shows other than NCIS and Law and Order? Bones is a show that ran for a total of 12 seasons and follows the characters Temperance Brennan (often referred to as ‘Bones’) and her partner Seeley Booth. The two like to work differently and tend to find themselves at standstills at first but always have to try and find ways to actually be able to solve the investigations they are given in the long run.

It’s funny, interesting, and all in all, if you like looking at bones and solving mysteries, this show would be really enjoyable for you.

6. Dynasty

The last show on our list is basically meant for people to love the spoiled, rich people drama with mystery mixed right up into it. The Carrington family, the main characters, are known for owning a big business that got them a lot of money. When Blake Carrington, the father, tries to remarry, his daughter Fallon Carrington is not very enthusiastic. But, as if things couldn’t make Fallon hate her new stepmom Krystle anymore, the position that Fallon wanted in the company, was instead given to Krystle. As a result, a juicy hatred between Fallon and Krystle spreads as Fallon tries to get dirt on Krystle and use it against her.

Dynasty is exactly what you’d look for in a show about rich people. Overdramatic, unrelatable, and full of first world problems.

And with that, our list concludes. The shows on here might not relate to everyone’s interests, which I apologize for. I haven’t watched every show in the world to find one that fits for everyone, but all of these TV shows are both enjoyable, at least to me, and entertaining. I suggest giving at least one a shot if you’re in need of things to help escape the issues of the real world and get sucked into a fake world of drama, love, and sadness. But, it’s all up to you if you watch these or if you find other things to read. Either way, thanks for reading!