Lexington Comic Con

A review of the greatest comic festival in the country!


Photo by Lexington Comic Con

Hillary Ocampo, Staff Reporter

Every year, Lexington holds its annual Lexington Comic Con with lots of popular guests, exhibitors, and vendors. Lexington Comic Con took place March 9th-11th in Heritage Hall at the Lexington Convention Center and was packed! This year, the convention oversold tickets and beat last year’s attendance with 25,000 people in attendance!


This year’s Comic Con  brought in a lot of people, and as expected, long lines. Photo Op prices ranged from $45-$265, depending on the guest. Autograph prices ranged from $30-$95, also depending on guest. Some media guests that attended this year were Chuck Norris, Ian McDiarmid, Camren Bicondova, Matthew Mercer, John Barrowman, and Tara Strong. Many comic creators also attended, some being Neal Adams, Greg Capullo, Michael Golden, and Jim Steranko. If you want to meet a certain guest in particular who is very popular, it is recommended you get in line very early if this is a main part of your convention experience. For example, the line for Matthew Mercer took us about two hours to get to through without getting there early.

How To Prepare For Next Year

  • As expected, it will be packed! Keep that in mind if it is your first time attending. They try to have different guests every year, and depending 0n popularity, it can affect the size of the crowd. The attendence of Chuck Norris brought it more people this year than there has ever been. If you are someone who does not want to deal with crowd chaos, you will have more luck going later Saturday, and Sunday. Saturday morning and throughout afternoon is a lot more calm compared to Saturday, with it being the last day.
  • Going to cons can be very expensive as well as tempting, so be sure to set yourself a limit. Don’t spew all your money in one day, because on Sunday there is usually better deals on the things you want. Look around before you start buying and make sure you don’t mindlessly spend money on things, when theres a chance something else may catch your eye. Think things through and make sure it’s something you really want before purchasing.
  • Drink water. Remember to eat. Hydration and not being too hungry is key to a better experience. There is so much going on, and so many people, that some even forget to take care of their own needs! Taking breaks and resting for a while will make you feel a lot better after walking around and being in fairly crowded areas, and make you feel less stressed.
  • Bring a friend! If you go with a friend, you can keep each other in check. Whether it be for drinking, eating, monitoring spending, or just making sure you are both safe. Just like any other public place, you never know what could happen, so bringing a friend could bring a lot more reassurance.