Positively Pollute Your Mind Musically

Five songs to listen to this February, including official music videos


Noah Reynolds, Staff Reporter

Are you looking for some mental relaxation? Do you just really need to jam out? Have a hankering for a musical punch to the face? This fast-flying February, you’ll need to check out these hand-picked song recommendations of multiple genres. These picks reflect February as a whole, and I hope you enjoy these five songs of old and new.


Sick Boy – The Chainsmokers

Genre: Pop, Dance, Electro

Released: 2018


Can’t Stop – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Genre: Alternative rock, Alternative/Indie

Released: 2002


Live in the Moment – Portugal, The Man

Genre- Alternative/Indie

Released: 2017


No Scrubs – TLC

Released: 1999

Genre: Alternative rock, Contemporary R&B


Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

Released: 1978

Genre: Classic rock, Rock


All music videos are via YouTube and the official VEVO YouTube channel or official Youtube music channels of the individual bands and musicians under the Standard YouTube License.