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New Years Resolutions At WCHS

A sampling of resolutions from around the building

Tyler Bennett and Kelsey Martin

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Every year people choose to follow certain new standards with the hope to improve. Some examples of these would be to simply work out more or eat a little healthier. We took to the hallways of WCHS to find out what scholars are wanting to do for their New Years Resolutions.

We asked each student three questions:

  • What is your resolution this year?
  • What do you plan on doing differently this year?
  • What are you looking forward to most this year?


Bonika Todd-

1.) “I need to stop being stressed and learn to balance things in my life.”

2.) “I plan to focus more on my needs this year.”

3.) “I’m mainly looking forward to graduation and my first year of college.”

Reagan Way-

Kelsey Martin
Reagan Way (12)

1.) “I really just want to improve as a better person.”

2.) “I don’t want to get caught up in the drama this year.”

3.) “Graduation for sure.”

Jeremy Gaines-

Kelsey Martin
Jeremy Gaines (12) (left) at a football game

1.) “To improve myself and be a better version of me.”

2.) “I want to take better care of myself, mainly eating better.”

3.) “Graduation, duh.”

Conner McCrady-

Tyler Bennett
Conner McCrady (12)

1.) “I really gotta work on keeping my grades up.”

2.) “More studying.”

3.) “Nothing else but leaving high school.”




Lexi Braswell-

Tyler Bennett
Lexi Braswell (11) (right) is supporting Kelsey Martin (12) (left) on Support a Senior day at WCHS

1.) “To get better grades and just have a fun year.”

2.) “I for sure need to study more, and spend more time doing what I like”

3.) “I’m ready for my last summer of high school then I get to be a senior.”

Richard Osborn-

Tyler Bennett
Richard Osborn (11)

1.) “To get more in shape.”

2.) “I gotta get to the gym more to do that”

3.) “Chilling this summer”

Abbie Vandenbroek-

Kelsey Martin
Abbie Vandenbroek (12)

1.) “Stay more positive and happy every day.”

2.) “By waking up with a smile every morning.”

3.)  “The summer absolutely.”


Lucas Brocato-

Tyler Bennett
Lucas Brocato (10)

1.) “I got to keep away from the soda.”

2.) “I just have to stop ordering it.”

3.) “I’m just looking forward to making good grades this semester.”


Brandon Reed-

(No picture available)

1.) “I’m really wanting to get better in my motocross this year.”

2.) “I want to put more time and effort into my hobbies.”

3.) “For sure summer.”



About the Contributors
Tyler Bennett, Staff Reporter

Tyler Bennett is a senior as WCHS with a love for technology. Tyler spends the majority of his thinking time prepping new skits and new ways to advance...

Kelsey Martin, Staff Reporter

Kelsey Martin is a senior at WCHS and this is her first year contributing to The Jacket Journal. Kelsey has been riding horses since she was 2 and is now...

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