Behind the Scenes with Spark


Nate Hernandez

Community Actvism member selling t-shirts

Spark is on its third year of striking up a community party in downtown Versailles. What is even more impressive is that this locally friendly festival is completely planned and put on by hig

High school students are involved in the Community Activism class at WCHS. Community Activism is run by Mr. Smith and is a class exclusively for Juniors and Seniors. These students find problems within our society and seek to find solutions for them. Community Activism saw a problem in our economy and wanted to provide an opportunity for it to improve, and thus Spark was born. “Spark started as an economic mission to bring business to downtown Versailles and show that a place that stays open a bit later and is geared towards teenagers is feasible,” said Nolan Green, a member of Community Activism. “This year we’re not only taking an economic approach, but we’re taking a community and cultural approach. We’re trying to build a sense of community and belonging rather than a purely economic mission.”

Spark is a great way to not only get involved with our community, but also to get involved with our school. Many school clubs and local businesses have booths with information about them. Clubs such as GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) and Girls Lacrosse, as well as businesses and foundations such as the Aspect foreign exchange program will have informational booths at the festival this year. Each booth at Spark is unique, but even more unique are the local bands and performers that take Spark’s stage. The talented individuals that perform at Spark are some of the best in Versailles and even include students from the high school.

On top of all of this, another thing Spark has to offer is a variety of good food from local food trucks. With live music, good food, and great friends Spark is the perfect weekend activity that you can feel good about knowing that you’re giving back to your community.