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Top 20 Memes of 2017

A review of some of the best memes from 2017

Noah Reynolds, Staff Reporter

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Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to not run into a meme on the internet. Memes are captioned photos, funny videos, or even sayings that are funny, offensive, and more. From Facebook to Reddit, from Instagram to Google Images. They’re everywhere. Memes, like in the fashion realm, come in phases of popularity, and, after a while, become “dead” or unpopular. 99% of the memes from the year 2017 are “dead” now in 2018. There are so many classic(dead) memes that were born just a year ago, and we can’t forget them. This is a list of the top 20 (dead) memes from 2017.

20. Crash Bandicoot’s “Woah”

Video via “grandayy” on YouTube entitled “Crash Bandicoot – Woah Storm.” Published July 28, 2017.

We start out this list with classic PlayStation Character Crash Bandicoot as his body is mangled and he yells “Woah.” In this version of the meme, his “Woahs” are set to the chorus of the lyricless song: “Sandstorm” by Darude.

19. Evil Kermit the Frog(Me vs. Other Me)

When life hits you with struggle, sometimes you have to fight with your darker self. This evil Kermit the Frog meme has been captioned on many different subjects over time. The basis is: “Me-(something nice) Other Me-(Something Evil/Mean/Realistic/Commentary),” written over Kermit the Frog talking to himself with a dark hood.

18. Michael Jordan – Stop it. Get Some Help

Video via “Violet Dirge” on YouTube entitled “Stop it. Get some help.”

This classic meme can be paired with anything. This meme was around for a while but was revived for a good period last year. Usually, the content that is played before this meme pops-up is on the inappropriate side of things, so just the meme itself is good enough. Originally, this film was derived from a McDonalds-Sponsored commercial that Michael Jordan was in. Now, play after a clip of anything you don’t like and BAM. Meme heaven.

17. It(2017)

With the new reboot of the horror film “It” arriving last year, it was only about time that the memes would arrive. A majority of the “It” memes involve the scene of the killer clown found under the street with a persuasive saying that invites a little boy down with him. Memes like the one above are also equally as good.

16. Cash Me Outside

This meme is pretty basic, but the origin of it is great. Basically, a woman was on the show “Dr. Phil” and said: “Catch me outside, how about that,” as an invitation to fight, but her accent made the meme become a meme as it sounded like she said: “Cash Me Ousside, Howbow dah?” This meme isn’t usually paired with anything, but it is funny on its own(at least when it wasn’t overplayed a long time ago).

15. Rick and Morty Fans 

This meme is based on the people who watch the animated show “Rick and Morty.” Essentially, the humor and terminology associated with the show are “smart people terms,” so a fad has come about that if you watch “Rick and Morty,” then you’re really smart because you can understand the humor. This meme takes advantage of that, as you can see from the example meme above.

14. New Years

They multiply every ending of December. It’s the New Years memes. These memes range from “New year, same problems” to instructions on how to use the New Years to your advantage. One of my least favorable memes, but nonetheless a popular one.

13. Cracking a Cold One with the Boys

The “Cracking a cold one with the boys” meme is a classic one-liner meme about drinking beer with your friends. Usually, the title of this meme is written over everyday objects that can be “cracked” like eggs for example. That is the word-play version of the meme. Overall, this meme is simplistic, yet fulfilling.

12. White Guy Blinking

Video via “lovemycoils” on Youtube video entitled “White Guy Blinking Meme: Drew Scanlon” published Feb 25th, 2017

This memorable meme is the above clip paired with dumb sayings, mind-blowing statements, and more. The man’s face shows a “What?” feeling that we all enjoy.

11. Mocking SpongeBob

SpongeBob memes gained a huge comeback last year. This mocking SpongeBob has been used to mock bad grammar, make fun of others, and so much more. Just a simple yellow face and our hearts are “Ready!”

10.The Floor Is…

Quick! The floor is something you don’t like/do! This meme is a spin-off of the “floor is lava” game that is often played in elementary schools. Someone says “The floor is lava” and everyone must not touch the floor. In the meme above, the floor is changed from lava to “good exclusive games,” and, the commentary being, the Xbox One logo is avoiding the floor.

9. Living in 3017

This futuristic meme shows people with extraordinary abilities that qualify as coming from the year 3017. Typically, the image is a dumb life hack with the “Living in year 3017” caption.

 8. Shooting Stars- The Bag Raiders

Video via “Behind The Meme” on YouTube entitled “What is the shooting stars meme? A look at the history and origin of the Bag Raiders Song Meme”

This meme is a personal favorite of mine. The Shooting Stars meme takes any number of people or animals flopping in the air and throws them in space or other surroundings with the song “Shooting Stars” played over it. The video above explains more. Overall, a catchy meme that is very creatively carried out.


7. Distracted Boyfriend

This meme shines a light on what people really want. The base photo of this meme shows a boyfriend lustfully looking at a woman walking down the street whilst he is with his girlfriend. How this meme is captioned, moving from left to right, is something you want, yourself, and something you have. Distracted Boyfriend meme, we all have a special place in our hearts for you.


This meme highlights the fandom over Trebuchets, and specifically what they can launch and how far they can launch it. A similar Trebuchet meme explains why Trebuchets are superior to cannons. Overall, it’s simplistic, but a classic.

5. Elf on the Shelf

This is one of the funnier memes know to 2017 in my opinion. Basically, the meme starts out with: “You’ve heard of Elf on the Shelf…Now Get Ready for…” After the caption, you will find an image on top of another image, and both items are supposed to rhyme, just like Elf and Shelf. In the above example, the finishing words of the sentence are “…A Wizard in a Blizzard,” because Harry Potter is a Wizard.

4.Spotify Playlisting

Just like a mysterious kidnapper’s demands made out of cut-out magazine articles, this meme seeks to write literally anything with Spotify playlists using song titles. The options are endless.

3. Quick-Wit Eddie Murphy 

Need some guidance for the simple things in life? Eddie Murphy has you covered. This meme has different captions of wisdom over the “Thinking look” that Murphy provides generously. When in doubt, Murphy out.

2.The Expanding Brain

This meme can go anywhere with the creativity. Basically, the meme is the same on the right side of the list and different on the left side. The joke is that the items on the left are getting better in descending order, just as the brain is expanding and exerting light beams. In the above meme, the message is that the superior mouse for your computer is the rectangular touch-pad on laptops. Always a classic meme.

1.Big Shaq – Man’s Not Hot

Video via “grandayy” on YouTube entitled “Captain Big Shaq travels to the Sun to prove man’s not hot” Published December 23, 2017

The final meme on this list and the best meme of 2017 is Big Shaq – Man’s Not Hot. Originally, rapper Big Shaq shocked us all with a song called “Man’s Not Hot” on BBC radio, where he was first recorded and used as his own meme.

I hope you enjoyed these now dead top 20 memes of 2017, and are as excited as I am to see what memes 2018 has to offer.

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