The Beautiful and Handsome Scholars of WCHS

A compliment and appreciation mini experiment done in the hallways of WCHS

MaQuoia Bernabe, Staff Reporter


MaQuoia Bernabe

I’m sure you guys have seen a social experiment involving a person who goes around their school complimenting/appreciating their peers. Well, I decided to do a mini version of one of those videos, and I went around  WCHS to find scholars who would want to participate.  My reasoning for doing this video is because I feel that society puts pressure on females and males based on appearances. You never know what others are battling in life, so I felt the need to tell our scholars that “they’re beautiful” and how much I appreciate them. There are pros and cons to doings this. The pros are the reactions you get, the smiles that peep out, and the thank yous after the video is done. The cons are those who choose not to participate, not getting the reaction you wanted, and those who just stare blankly at you. I definitely appreciated doing this very small experiment, although a lot of people turned down the offer to be a part of this, but it was a learning experience.

Karla Rodriguez(9)

Seth (12)

Elva Jantes (10)

Brooke Jones (10)

Pablo Companioni(12)

Destiny Morris (10)