What’s up With Kentucky Weather?

In Kentucky, we’ve been experiencing very extreme weather that seems to change unpredictably. Is there any reasonable explanation?


In the past several years, Kentucky residents have had firsthand experience of record-breaking crazy weather. Let’s take a further look at when exactly we had this weather.

Fact Recaps of 2022


Jan. 1- 8 tornadoes struck Kentucky.

Jan. 6- the snowiest day of the year. a few spots had close to 10 inches of snow!

Feb. 17- the most rain of the year. 2.5-3 in of rain.

Feb. 22- a thunderstorm blew gusts of wind reaching up to 90 mph in Allen County!

June 13- heat index reached over 110°

Dec. 23- the coldest temperatures of the day dropped below zero.




The Historic Kentucky Flooding

One of the most brutal thunderstorms hit eastern Kentucky between July 25-30th, 2022. The rainfall rate was at an alarming 4 inches per hour. The storms, winds, and flooding resulted in 39 deaths and many more injured. Properties and homes were destroyed.


Track Map

Estimated rainfall totals from July 25th through July 30th, 2022 via NCEP Stage IV precipitation data.



Despite the flood, everyone was determined to help out their community. Many disaster-relief voluneers were quick to respond, by:

  • assisting in debris clearance
  • sandbagging
  • home mucking
  • repairing buildings/properties

and many more ways!


As Kentucky flood recovery continues, Southern Baptists serve survivors - Send Relief
Pictured above are flood volunteers packing meals and other supplies!