Are athletes treated differently than regular students?


Coty Lewis

woodford wrestling regional placement 2020-2021

The student body has always been a diverse group. With guys and girls playing either instruments, sports, or participating in clubs. It’s been a known phenomenon that athletes have had special treatment by the administration and even teachers. As an athlete myself, I have seen this treatment firsthand. I’m currently a wrestler for the high school. My body has been thrown and tossed around in my 3 years with the high school team.

Believe it or not, I’ve been given the opportunity to sleep or rest in my classes. On the other hand, students in those same classes have not been given the same opportunities. Am I thankful for that gracious opportunity? Yes, without a doubt. But do I think it’s fair? Absolutely not. The student body should be treated fairly and equally. It’s not fair to the individuals in the school who work 2 jobs and barely sleep or the students with poor home lives who are starving and only receive food at school. Being an athlete is a choice by the student. But fair treatment is a right. The students in Woodford county should all be treated equally regardless of whether they play a sport or not.

I believe that the students of Woodford County High School deserve to all be treated fairly. It’s not a question that the athletes in our school are treated differently. It’s clear to anyone that our athletes are given special privileges compared to non-athletes. As an athlete, I want change for the entirety of the school. We deserve equality among the student body and staff.