A New Addition to WCHS Choirs

At WCHS, there is a wide variety of music programs for musically inclined students. There’s a band, orchestra, and choir. In choir, there’s the Concert Choir (this is open to anyone, no auditions needed), Chorale (this choir requires an audition), and now, Treble Choir. Concert Choir and Chorale are welcome to girls and boys, but Treble Choir is girls-only. It focuses more on sopranos and altos than baritones, basses, and tenors. It’s simpler but still has the same sound as any other choir at WCHS.

Mr. Strickland, the choir director, has answered a few questions regarding his interest in Treble Choir.

“I have always wanted to start Treble Choir because of all the talent that I’ve been lucky to have here at Woodford County High School. That talent has grown bigger and bigger since I arrived here five years ago. Since our two choirs have grown so large over those five years, I thought it would be a good idea to start a choir that focused solely on treble voices.”

As a student in Treble Choir, I enjoy being in a smaller choir. It allows me to get to know everyone better, and there’s just something special about singing with people you’ve formed a community with. Sometimes, when we all hit the exact same note, it sounds like we’re all one person, and it’s incredible.

When discussing the hopes Mr. Strickland has for Treble Choir, he said, “It is a small group this year and they sound amazing. But, I hope the group gets larger in numbers over the next few years.”

It’d be really cool if Treble Choir could expand, but I also enjoy its smallness. It creates more of a familial space and it’s great. There are currently about 15-16 girls in that group right now and I wouldn’t want it to get past 25 people because then it’d be too crowded.

When asked about what he likes best about Treble Choir he said, “They are just a super fun group. They all enjoy singing, and they enjoy each other’s company, and I enjoy their company. I am excited to hear them perform for the first time at our Winter concert in December!”