Helping the Menstruation Nation

An interview with Sarah Mason, cofounder of the Helping the Female Population project here at WCHS, aiming to provide products and education to students about menstruation.


Sarah Mason

Poster for Helping the Female Population. Image by Sarah Mason.

Helping the Female Population is a project originating from the Community Activism class here at WCHS. Started by Olivia Spears (12) and Sarah Mason (12), the project aims to help provide menstruation products in the girl’s bathrooms throughout the building.

You don’t need to hear all of this from me, though. I was able to interview one of the founders of the project, Sarah Mason, on how the project started, what they’ve been able to accomplish this year, and much more.

Brayden Miller

The project, so far, has been able to help many people in need of feminine products. The need for donations is far from gone, however, and the project founders are asking that anyone who can please help providing feminine products, pads specifically. Donations can be dropped off in Ms. Boss’s room, room 150.