November 25th: Small Business Saturday

Small businesses In Georgetown hold Small Business Saturday on November 25th.



City Hall located at the center of downtown Georgetown.

Every year around the country, small businesses have at least one day of their own. In Georgetown, at least, we call it Small Business Saturday. All of the stores downtown have sales to increase business and make the community aware of their existence. This event started in 2010, and it was created by American Express to encourage people to support their local businesses. This year the date fell on November 25, 2021. Take a look at some of the businesses that Georgetown has to offer.

A Hidden Trove, a shop with handmade jewelry, Kentucky made puzzles, etc. (Amaya Patrick)
Miss Behaven, a boutique located in downtown Georgetown. They sell clothing, Kentucky made coffee, Willow Trees, etc. (Amaya Patrick)
All That & More, an antique shop located in downtown Georgetown. They have items from glass animals to old signs. (Amaya Patrick)









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