Check Out Our School Spirit!

A collection of photos from WCHS’ Homecoming Spirit Week.


Michaela Agee

Freshie Sandwich! From left to right: Samantha Branham (12), Hannah Rose (12), Taylor Brown (9), Chase Thurman (9), Abba Stith (12), and Olivia DeVore (12).

With Covid, last year’s spirit weeks here at WCHS were just not the same; fewer students chose to participate, and there just wasn’t much hype due to the fact that we could not have pep rallies. However, this year we have been able to host outdoor pep rallies, and spirit weeks have been getting back on track! So, let’s take a look at what our school spirit looked like during the 2021 homecoming spirit week!

Spirit Days, October 11th-15th:

  • Monday- Mythological Monday
  • Tuesday- Cowboys vs. Aliens
  • Wednesday- Superheros vs. Villains
  • Thursday- Class Color Day (9th- green, 10th- blue, 11th- red, 12th- black)
  • Friday- Woodford Spirit




Unfortunately, the homecoming pep rally was canceled due to uncooperative weather, but shout out to all the students for bringing their school spirit! See you all again at Jacketfest!