Bored? Try Something New!

Here are some programs that you should consider looking into!

Bored? Try Something New!

Partners For Youth is a program that works with LLCEC, and SHPE, NYC, and many more programs. Partners For Youth also includes help with scholarships and they provide many free and exciting activities for kids like Adopt a Park which takes place in Douglass, and Valley Park during springs and summers on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Visit their website to get more information.

What is LLCEC?

LLCEC (Latinx Leadership & College Experience Camp) was created in 2006 and is a community program set up to help Kentucky’s growing Latino, immigrant, and refugee populations. Not only does this program help students but it also provides youth an intensive college/career preparation, social justice education, and leadership development programs that include mock college classes, college/career planning sessions, and social justice arts and science-based project classes. LLCEC not only includes classes during camp days, but each student will also be able to visit colleges with all types of majors in Kentucky and participate in workshops on college planning, financial aid, and scholarships, and gain insights from leadership workshops, motivational speakers, community artists, and current college students.

Registrations are due on May 14th, 2021. Visit the website for more information by clicking on the link Above.

What is SHPE About?

SHPE includes many different programs for students such as Convention, NILA, Regional Events, family science nights, specialties in STEM, etc. SHPE has many interesting programs and offers scholarships to help those that need them because financial needs are one of the top reasons why many students do not complete a bachelor’s degree. They also include a Latino(a) program which I really recommend!

No registrations this year but you can always sign up for virtual meetings and scholarships on the website above.

ROTC (Army) Program

Do you want to be a soldier or part of the Army? But you also want to have a job where you can do what you are most passionate about like Science, Mathematics, Technology, Engineering, etc, or you just can’t decide what exactly you want to do yet? Well, the ROTC program includes plenty of careers for you! Not only will this program help you find an Army career match for you, but you will also have a lot of benefits such as comprehensive healthcare, housing, cash allowances to cover living costs, money for education, family services, career support after you serve and vacation days. The program will also include the training necessary and plenty of options for you to become a great soldier and leader to serve your country. You can always visit their website for more information.