Why YOU Should Consider Getting Certified to Teach Yoga!


What is Yoga?

Lauren Moore participates in a yoga class at the Castle in Versailles, Kentucky.


Yoga is essentially a meditative dedication to you and your well-being. Yoga is the intentional movement in order to connect with your breath and be in touch with every muscle and tendon in your body. Yoga can be simple or complex. It has no boundaries. It is your practice to become the best version of yourself. Yoga is for everyone. 




Why Get Certified?

  • Improve Your Community

Your people in your community will benefit from the yoga practice. The majority of people are quick to neglect daily stretching routines or simply forsake the intentional time to produce/analyze thought. Yet, both are imperative to being one with our emotions and well-being. When something new has been brought to a community, people are intrigued and eager to learn more. The first step is being that person to bring the light of yoga into their lives.  

  • Improve Your Personal Health 

After continually practicing your yoga skills/poses and breathing techniques you will find both your mental and physical being to be in its best element. Your flexibility will increase and your soreness will decrease in areas of hurt. You will think more clearly and find a sense of purpose. But most importantly, you will be making a decision to choose your health as a priority. 

  • Teaching/Possible Source of Income in the Future

If you truly fall in love with the practice, there are always opportunities to teach and create a living out of what you love. Or, it is an option to teach as a side hustle for extra cash. Either way, you can creatively find ways to continue practicing and make some extra money using your craft. 

  • New Connections & People

People gravitate towards opportunity. While in the process of getting certified, teaching, and experiencing other studios you will find yourself meeting new people and making connections in the yogi world. These opportunities can lead to new experiences and future life choices simply through getting to know an individual. Human connection is vastly important to the growth of our character and perspective.


Q&A with Maggie Christensen

Yoga Instructor/Owner of Homegrown Yoga 

Maggie and Teachers in Training. (Maggie is in the front row center).

Maggie Christensen, owner of Homegrown Yoga in Versailles, Kentucky was my yoga instructor during my 200-hour teacher training and initially introduced me to the yoga practice years before. She was a dancer for most of her youth and found the light of yoga during trying times in her life. Her dedication to yoga has changed the lives of many; mine included. I asked her a few questions about the yoga certification process and why teacher training can truly make an impact on your life:

Q: Why should someone consider getting certified in Yoga? What are the benefits of the practice?

A: Someone should consider becoming certified because yoga allows for a vast amount of opportunity for anyone. Becoming a yogi is not just a certification, it’s a dedicated lifestyle. It is a practice of the mind, breath, and body. So, someone who gets certified in yoga is getting both mental and physical training in how to essentially release stress and breathe. Everyone´s yoga practice is personal.

Q: How would you best summarize the process of becoming a certified instructor?

A: There are a lot of components to learn as you pursue becoming an instructor. It is split up into 10 modules plus teaching hours required. You begin by learning yoga history and the foundation of yoga’s existence. You learn anatomy, pranayama, asanas, mediation, and the business aspect of yoga. You are also responsible for teaching a total of 10 hours, passing anatomy and a final exam, as well as taking 20 classes and observing 5. It sounds like a lot, but the process truly ensures you are ready to go out into the world and teach.

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Q: Why Yoga?

A: Yoga is much more than the poses and physical element of the practice. It is a true embodiment of mindset, breath,  and control of your thoughts and principles. Yoga encourages you to question your composure and strength. It allows you to reflect, consider, and explore your personal journey and appreciate your very existence. Personally, yoga changed my life and I am a firm believer that yoga is for everyone.

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