Three Essential Self-Help Rituals For Times Of Stress

Feeling stressed? Here are three self-care rituals anyone can do to help alleviate it!


Gemma Avalos

Big Spring Park Trail.

When we think of the word “ritual,” we think of a religious practice that involves specific tools. But, in reality, some simplistic rituals can be done by non-religious people of all ages and genders. We all seek tranquillity and peace; therefore, I present to you three things you can do to balance your emotions.

1. A Serene Bath

A tub filled with roses, baby’s breath, and other kinds of flowers.

I recommend trying to dedicate one (or more if needed!) evening to have a relaxing bath. When doing this, I suggest burning candles in your bathroom; any color will do, but using pink, red, and/or black can be more helpful. In candle magic, the color red or pink helps with love, any kind of love, and in this case, you will use this for self-love. The black ones would help keep you protected from lousy energy or bad vibes. But the point is to set the vibe in the bathroom to be more relaxing and to help your energy recharge.

Other optional things to add are rose petals or other flowers, chamomile, and thyme. In the same way, the candles could be used, these are to set the mood and make the person who’s conducting this self-care ritual feel at peace with themselves and have their chakras aligned. Roses help with loving oneself, so placing rose petals in your bath can add to the serenity. Chamomile can ward off bad energy and thyme can help heal you emotionally. If you want to make it a bubble bath, use lavender-scented soap or add a few drops of lavender essential oil. The scent of lavender calms people’s nerves; according to a 2018 study, linalool, alcohol that occurs naturally in the plant, activates specific neurotransmitter receptors that help people feel tranquil and serene.

2. Connect With Nature

Getting in touch with nature for a bit can surprisingly recharge your energy levels and decrease stress. Going hiking, camping, or even simply taking a walk in a forest and taking in all the aromas, sounds, and sights can help you be aware of all the fantastic things that occur naturally. Taking a step away from all the lights, screens, and never-ending influx of new information can help ease anxiety about the world and the state that your life may be in. Being in nature can speed the health recovery process, reduce blood pressure and lower the risk of cancer, according to studies done in 1972 and 1981.

The trail at Big Spring Park in Versailles. Photo by Gemma Avalos.

Gardening and redecorating your yard is a relaxing hobby that I recommend you partake in. Adding pretty stones or even crystals such as Clear Quartz, Carnelian, or Amythest, will make you feel better about the aesthetic or energies given from your garden. Although, leaving Amythest in sunlight can make the color fade to grey and eventually even a yellow that will resemble Citrine, so be careful in choosing which rocks to place in sunlight and water. Still, having crystals more near you and with you constantly can help balance the chakra that’s out of wack, it can still help to add them to your garden.

3. Affirmations

For this, you don’t even need much at all! I recommend you get a notebook, sheet of paper, phone, etc., and use them to write some affirmations. Write things that you would like to be called or things you want to happen, such as:

“I am beautiful.”

“I am loved.” 

“I have potential.”

“I will succeed in life.”

“I am a great person who does great things.”

Even if you feel like you don’t believe these things, saying them repeatedly every day will help you reassure yourself of the truth behind these claims so that you eventually believe them and live by such statements. In your most relaxed state, when meditating, say these words to yourself, aloud or in your head. Do this every time you meditate or even as you wake up, have a break during your day, or before calling it a night, and you will surely see a change in how you feel about yourself.

Which, if any, of these self-care rituals would you consider trying?

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