Woodford County Students Collect Supplies For Flood Victims

In early March 2021, Kentucky witnessed some of its worst flooding in decades due to excessive rain and melting snow. This left thousands of Kentucky residents with damaged property, no transportation, no supplies, and in some cases, no homes at all. After witnessing the aftermath of this crisis, students from Woodford County High School’s Community Activism class decided to take action. 

Community Activism class sits outside of their “Fill the Bus” project.          Photo by Amber Sergent.


Woodford County Students launched their ‘Fill the Bus’ project, aimed at collecting supplies to donate to those who have been affected by these destructive waters. The class has gotten in contact with local elementary schools, businesses, and news stations in the hope to fill a school bus of supplies that will be delivered to both their own community and Eastern Kentucky on March 21st. A full list of donatable items is listed below.

Items to Donate:

Water (gallon jugs and bottles), Gloves (work and latex), Bleach, Cleaning supplies, Trash Bags, Paper towels, Laundry detergent, Personal hygiene items, Toilet paper, Air mattresses, Hand sanitizer, Masks, Buckets, Mops, Push brooms, Trash cans, Baby wipes, Baby diapers, Paper plates, Plastic utensils, Washcloths, Towels, Tarps, Sponges/Scouring pads/Brushes, Dish soap, Plastic totes, Spray bottles, Gift cards, Pet food, School Supplies, and Funds. 

Photo by Julia Brillowski

All donations can be taken at the high school from

March 4th to March 19th!