A Summary of the 2020-21 University of Kentucky Men´s College Basketball Season

The University of Kentucky is said by many people to be among the best men’s college basketball programs ever–which can be proven to be true with their past records. They hold second for most championships right behind UCLA. But this year 2020-2021 has been the school’s worst recorded year. Kentucky has not been this bad since 109 years ago. Kentucky had just started their 2020-21 season with a 1-6 record. It is very unlike how the program usually does. The program usually goes to the NCAA but this time they did not even make the cut. This current season is by far the worst the program has ever seen, but they are usually so good. They hold 131 NCAA tournament wins and 59 appearances in the tournament.

For a track record like that to have a 1-6 start to a season is not usual at all. It is very bizarre to not be making it to the tournament like they usually do.

Many people seem to believe that it’s the players’ fault for being this bad and others seem to blame the coach, John Calipari for having such a terrible season. Most college basketball teams have slow starts but a record low 1-6 start for a program that never starts that bad, because they never have is so unusual and more than just a slow start. When Kentucky gets a slow start their coach always figures them out and coaches them and they get better. This season is like no other for the UK program. As of February 22, 2021, they look like they may have found their groove as they are on a three-game win streak. But it is already too late for them to make it to the NCAA unless they win their conference tournament. 

Calipari during a game with his 2021 basketball team. (Google Images)

There are many possible reasons they had the season they did. The biggest reason I believe they had a season like this is that the coach of the Kentucky Wildcats knew that at first, the players he recruited wouldn’t play well together. But when they play together again in their second year they can be unstoppable. I believe that this could be true because John Calipari is the best at recruiting players and getting them to the NBA. If Calipari thought they were going to be bad he wouldn’t have selected the players he did.

I know they had a bad season this year, but I believe that he has a plan and made the plan to get these players better the second year this way they have a better chance for an NCAA championship.