Lifestyle as the Big Sister

10 days in Quarantine with my little brother.


Amariah Reed

Lil bro and I hanging out during the 2 week quarantine!!

Hey Jackets! As you all know we have been in Quarantine for about two weeks now and it has been crazy. I’m back to tell you all how my past 10 days have been while watching my 7-year-old brother, Amarion. It has definitely been an interesting experience, so read below to hear about my time with this crazy kid!

Day One:

I got up around 10 am this morning and went into the kitchen to go make him and myself cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Around about 12 pm he finally woke up; I thought he was never going to wake up. He got up and ate his breakfast and went back into his room. He went into his room and played videogames forever and I only saw him one time between 12-5 pm, it was crazy. I had never seen someone play games for that long. 

Day Two:

I woke up at about 10 am again this morning and went into the kitchen to go make breakfast but my mom had already made it so, I got my breakfast and went back into my room and waited for him to wake up. This time, he didn’t wake up till about 12:30 pm and it is because I had to wake him up. My mom called me at about 1 pm and told me that I needed to make him go do his work that she sat out in the living room. I went into his room and told him and he didn’t really like it so much but he went in there and did his work anyway. After he did his work, he went back into his room again and played his game until my mom got home at 5.

Day Three:

Today, he and I woke up around the same time, probably around 11 am. We woke up, ate breakfast, and did our NTI work. He played his game for about 2 hours and after that, it was probably around 3 pm after all that. Then he said that he was bored and wanted to do something some and he came into the kitchen and made some chocolate cupcakes with white icing–which were super good.

Day Four:

This day was kind of a lazy day for us because we had a super long night to where we both stayed up until 4 am for some unknown reason. Since it was our lazy day, we stayed in our pajamas all day and watched movies in the living room until our mom got home.

Day Five:

We both woke up at about 11 am again and ate our breakfast. We had a busy day because we did a lot of cleaning. We did laundry, washed dishes, cleaned up our rooms, and disinfected everything so that would maybe lower our chances of catching this Coronavirus.

Day Six:

Today he and I didn’t even wake up until 12 pm, it was crazy. This day was actually a lot of fun. We made a lot of Tik Toks and our older sister came over for about 2 hours to come to visit because she doesn’t live with us. We listened to music all day and watched a couple of YouTube videos and this was probably one funniest day so far.

Day Seven:

He and I woke up around 12 pm again and ate our breakfast. We came into the living room and did his work and I did my NTI work. Then, he went back into his room to go play his video game with some of his friends and I went back into my room and watched Netflix.

Day Eight:

Today is the last day I technically have to watch him for the full day. Since this was the last day, he and I decided to go outside for just a little bit and throw the football to just get out of the house a little. Then he and I came into the house and decided to help my mom out a little bit and clean up the house a little bit.

Day Nine:

My dad was home this day because he took off work to stay home with us. We went outside a couple of times to throw the football, play basketball, and so Amarion could ride his bike. We had a great day because my dad is home and we see him not that much every day because he works from 8 am to 8 pm.

Day Ten:

Today is the last day of the first 2-week quarantine, and my mom got off work at 1 pm when she usually gets off at 5 pm. When she came home, we all started at dinner because my mom made a big dinner where she grilled out and made my favorite foods.