The Emoji Movie, Bust or Masterpiece?

Will Fisher, Staff Reporter

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The Emoji Movie

Directed by Tony Leondis

Produced by Sony Pictures Animation

 On July 28th, 2017 “The Emoji Movie” came out. The Emoji Movie had a great cast of actors such as T.J. Miller as Meh, James Corden as Hi-5, Patrick Stewart as Poop, and Anna Farris as Jailbreak. With an amazing cast such as this many were asking: What could go wrong?

The simple answer is that nothing went wrong. What a lot of the mainstream movie reviewers are telling you is that “The Emoji Movie” is the worst movie of the century. Many reviewers can’t see the true beauty of “The Emoji Movie” and how it is not the worst movie of the century, but instead, the best.

What makes “The Emoji Movie” so great? The plot of the movie is groundbreaking and something not many directors and producers have used before, the actors in the movie make it 20 times better, and the animation is some of the best animation that you could see today. The plot is great because of the adventure the main characters go on through out the movie. The character development is something that you have never seen before.

The character development works well into the plot of The Emoji Movie. Gene is a Meh emoji and is the only emoji in Textopolis who has multiple emotions. When he convinces his parents that he should be allowed to work, he starts to panic and destroys the place that all the emoji’s work. The leader of Textopolis, Smiler (played by Maya Rudolph), tells Gene that he is a malfunction and that he needs to be deleted. Bots start to chase Gene and pursue him for the rest of the movie. Gene starts to run away from the bots that are chasing him and runs into another emoji named Hi-5. Hi-5 takes Gene to the Loser Lounge where Hi-5 tells Gene that he can take him off the phone so Gene can fixed and be a regular Meh. Hi-5 takes Gene off the phone and takes them to an app for pirating. In the app, they meet Jailbreak someone who knows where to take Gene so he can be fixed.

The cast of the movie makes it seem like the characters in the movie are real people whom you have known for a long time. T.J. Miller was a perfect fit for Gene. Miller makes Gene a relatable character who wants to be an individual and not a part of the “system.” James Corden’s role as Hi-5 gives the movie a lighthearted tone. Hi-5 is there to relieve tension and provide comic relief. His comedy fits well into the movie and is very family-friendly. Finally, Anna Farris’s character, Jailbreak, is a girl who doesn’t follow the rules and lives on her own. Jailbreak is relatable to modern women and thus draws in a greater variety of audience.

The animation in this movie is spectacutlar; that is not a joke. The arms and legs of the emoji’s fit well with their large heads and bodies. The shading looks beautiful and the color scheme of the characters fits well with the different apps and their backgrounds. The way Hi-5’s fingers move actually looks realistic and is probably the best thing the animators did for the movie.

The Emoji Movie is seen as a terrible movie and possibly the worst ever made according to critiques. However, The Emoji Movie made $179,436,326 in the worldwide box office and is still climbing, so there must be something to it. There is one last question to ask: When are you going to see the Emoji Movie?

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