Tiktok: Safe or Too Convenient?

Tiktok is a popular app that has (for a long time) been used as a controversial argument on the safety features it holds.

Tiktok: Safe or Too Convenient?

Tiktok is a social media app that teenagers, adults, and celebrities use to create fun videos of many different things.  Along with this new app, there is a controversial argument on whether Tiktok is a safe app or if it is too convenient for people of young age. Let’s break down both sides of the issue!


The app does have some very safe features.  One of the safest things you can do on Tiktok is to make your account private.  If you keep your account private then people must request to follow you; by doing this you can keep track of all your followers and who follows you on the app.  Secondly, If you make a video on Tiktok it is NOT permanent.  This means any video that you take can be deleted and not be kept or shared by anyone who might’ve seen it.  Third, on Tiktok you can see who likes your video. This means that you can see who is viewing your videos, and you can determine if you feel safe leaving your video out on the internet as it is with a public account.  Lastly, Tiktok has violation guidelines, meaning any videos that are reported are watched and can be taken down by Tiktok themselves.  For example, if someone’s video is banned from the public view because of the violation guidelines then the creator can be banned from going live.  This means they cannot hold a live video for a certain amount of time.  As you can see, Tiktok does have safety features that some people overlook the majority of the time.

@boybloom on Tiktok shares his experience while meeting the mayor of Idyllwild, California, who is indeed a dog!

Too Convenient:  

Tiktok is a safe app, but some parts could be safer for all people.  The first example of this is public accounts, with which anyone can see your video.  In Tiktok you can view anyone’s video if they have a public account without having to request access.  Second, on public and private videos people can comment on your videos, meaning they can make inappropriate or rude comments on your video.  However, there is a switch that you can activate to turn off comments entirely.  Third, people who find your account can request access no matter who they are.  On a public account, there is no follow request, meaning they can start following a person without having to ask for permission.  This means they would see almost every video that you make and publish on Tiktok.  Finally, on any account, you can fill out your Tiktok bio.  Whether you have a public or private account anyone can see the bio that you put on your account.  This means if you put your Instagram on your bio then random people can go on Instagram and find your account.

The controversial argument of Tiktok will not fade soon, however, people should be aware of the safety features it includes.  This is a very hard topic for both parents and their children to agree on, but as the years pass the topic becomes less sensitive.  It is very important for parents to know their child is safe on social media, and for us, it is just another fun app to download.

In conclusion, stay safe and enjoy yourself!