Anime Zone 101

Would you like to learn about anime? Would you like to understand where “Naruto Running” came from? Then you’re in the right place!


Photo made by: CJ Jenkins

Photo of different anime presented in this article.

Yōkoso (meaning “welcome” in Japanese) to a resource of anime for beginners! Obviously, anime is not for everyone, but you’re in this article so something piqued your interest. Below is just a few genres of anime to choose from, and just a few starters if you would like to open your world to this creative animated world of anime.

Anime: Japanese animation. Outside of Japan, it is just animation from Japan. Anime is often characterized by colorful graphics, vibrant characters, and fantastical themes.

There are a few genres of anime to get started with, such as:

  • Shonen – The genre of manga and anime geared towards males
  • Kodomo – The genre of anime geared towards children
  • Shojo – The genre of manga and anime geared towards females
  • Horror – Anime intended to invoke fear
  • Slice of Life – A simple anime that focuses on following the lives of people, commonly high school students
  • Supernatural – Anime about witches, magic, ghost, deities, etc.

*There are many genres of anime, these are just some starters that can be for anyone!*

Now, onto the fun stuff…

1. Shonen

1. Kodomo



1.Slice of Life


Now obviously there is so much anime that could be here and does deserve credit. Though these are just some starters that people do commonly start off with, and will hopefully open your eyes to the wondrous world of anime.

Janne! (See you later!)