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ACT tips and tricks for all students.

Ace the ACT

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As we all know, prepping for the ACT can be very stressful. Students can easily get overwhelmed with pressure from teachers and/or other adults in their life to do well on the test. This article was designed by fellow peers who have themselves taken the ACT and want to tell you that it will all be okay. Whether you have taken the test already or this March will be your first time, we hope our advice is helpful and we wish you good luck!

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ACT prep 

Prepare in Advance

Weeks in Advance The Night Before
  1. Register for the ACT
  2. Become familiar with the ACT format
  3. Set reasonable goals
  4. Create good study habits as well as a study schedule
  1. Eat a proper meal to nourish your body the night before the test
  2. Gather all of your materials the night before (calculator, pencils, etc)
  3. Set an alarm and go to bed early
  4. Don’t stress yourself out

Helpful Tips From Your Peers


Laura Crutchfield (12) “I got a 30 on my ACT and I was excited because I went up a couple of points from the first time I took it. My best ACT taking strategy is to try to answer all of the questions and read through each question. After that, if I missed any, I would go back and answer them.”
Wade Young (12) “I got a 26 on the ACT my first time and that is all I really needed to get a scholarship for Transy. My best ACT testing tip would be to know how to read the passages and comprehend what you are reading. It would be good to know how to read fast and practice your reading skills.”
Colin Charles (12) “I got a 34 on my ACT and all I did was not stress and wing it.”
Lane Cecil (12) “I got a 31 on my ACT and I was excited because I went up a few points from my first time taking it and I did not expect to do that well. For my best ACT taking strategy, I’d say to try to get through all of the questions. Don’t get stuck on one because you can always go back.”
















At the end of the day, you are not defined by your ACT score. The test does not determine your entire life because it is merely just a core subject test that gives colleges a look at your knowledge and skills. However, colleges (especially recently) have strayed away from relying on ACT scores and are starting to focus more on students’ GPA, work ethic, and extracurriculars. While it is still important to care about the test, as long as you give your best effort then you have done all you can do and that is good enough!