Inauguration 2019: A New Chapter for Kentucky

Andy Beshear is sworn in as the 63rd Governor of Kentucky on December 10th in Frankfort.


Catie Heerman

The flags fly high in celebration of the 61st Kentucky Governor's Inauguration ceremony.

On December 10th, 2019, hundreds of people from across the state of Kentucky made their way to the Capitol building in Frankfort to celebrate the inauguration of Governor Andy Beshear. On this chilly Tuesday, the Capitol building hosted multiple events for the public to celebrate and enjoy. 

The largest portion of public celebration began at 10 am as the mile-long stretch leading to the Capitol building was closed off for the Inaugural Parade. For the two hours following, past and present government leaders, friends and family of Beshear, and marching bands from around the commonwealth marched to celebrate the historical 61st inauguration. The parade concluded on the steps of the Capitol building where Governor Beshear and his family waved to and greeted citizens of Kentucky. 


The proceedings resumed on the Capitol stairs around one in the afternoon. This included performances by the 202nd Army Band of the Kentucky National Guard, the Harlan Boys Choir, and the Louisville Eastern Chamber Singers. Then at two in the afternoon, Andy Beshear, lieutenant governor Jacqueline Coleman, and Frankfort Mayor William May stepped out to begin the official swearing-in ceremony. The stands and seating for the public were packed as the public flooded the capitol stairs.

The inauguration was presided over by Kentucky teachers Cathy Carter, Scott Collier, and Laura Hartke. Shortly after the introduction and singing of the national anthem and performance of God Bless America, the audience was welcomed by Mayor William May and Franklin County Judge-Executive Huston Wells.

Next began the introduction of Lieutenant Governer Jacqueline Coleman by her father, former Kentucky house member Jack Coleman, and Coleman’s subsequent address to the crowd. Coleman addressed her previous role as a Kentucky educator and the importance she and Mr. Beshear would place on improving Kentucky education in their future years in office. Coleman was then sworn in by Justice Michelle M. Keller of the Kentucky Supreme Court.

Shortly after came the much-awaited introduction of Mr. Andy Beshear by his wife Britainy and children Will and Lila. After his heartfelt introduction, Mr. Beshear addressed his fellow Kentuckians. It was during this time that Beshear announced that he would sign an executive order restoring the voting rights of more than 130,000 non-violent former felons. Beshear also supported educators who had previously supported his bid for office as he announced that he would propose a bill including a $2,000 base pay raise for teachers across the Commonwealth.

From the joyous parade through the streets to the powerful speeches given by our newest elected officials, this historic day will be remembered for years to come. For the next four years, Andy Beshear and his team will serve as the next leaders of change in Kentucky. We hope that Beshear’s pledge to be for “Team Kentucky” and to solve Kentucky’s largest problems is fulfilled within his time in office.