Why Parents Sometimes Say No 


Everyone in their life at some point has been mad at their parents for them telling you no. It really is not even the word strict to explain the actions your parents are doing. At young ages, no one wants to be told no. It still happens plenty to a lot of people of all ages in life. Have you ever just looked back at your childhood and remember the times you were told no and was upset?  at such a late age will we figure out.

But maybe you have also had parents at times not care at all. Basically making whatever it is your decision. What if you needed guidance from your parents when they blew you off? Sometimes it is a good thing to make decisions on your own and to have some trial and error in life. I learned that the hard way. Sometimes at younger ages, you cannot see the “fuller” picture of life because you already think you see it full.

You are your parent’s first love. Most of the time your parents aren’t saying no just to be mean. Rather they have been in that same situation and do not you to do it from what they remembered. All these things at a young age we look at and argue with our parents. We look at it as a reason to be mad because we did not get what we wanted. More so again they are preparing you for life when we have to accept that in the real world. All these things our parents did and do for us; was to just have us prepared for the real world. Rather to be found and to not be lost in the real world.