Visiting with the Patriots

A visit with the Women´s Wrestling team at The University of the Cumberlands.


Angela Buenrrostro

Senior (12) MaQuoia Bernabe posing in front of a water fountain.

I had the opportunity to be a college student at The University of the Cumberlands for three days, therefore I took a vlog and multiple photos of my stay so that I could share it with you.

Here’s what my schedule looked like:

Tuesday, November 12th

9:30-11:59 a.m.- Hit the road.

12:00 p.m.- Arrive at The University of the Cumberlands.

12:30-2:00 p.m.- Meet up in the wrestling building, have lunch with coaches & my mom, and meet my roommates.

3:30-5:00 p.m.- Wrestling practice with the Lady Patriots.

5:30- 8:00 p.m.-  Meet new friends, have dinner, walk around campus, go to the school events.

9:00 p.m.- Lights out.

Wednesday, November 13th

6:00- 7:00 a.m.- Morning practice.

7:40-8:30 a.m.- Get ready for the day.

9:00-11:30 a.m.- Went to English, Math, and Psychology class with my roommate & wrestling teammate/friend.

12:00- 12:30 p.m.- Had lunch with my roommate.

1:30- 3:00 p.m.-  Workout for my roommate.

4:00- 5:30 p.m.- Setting up for intrasquad.

6:00-6:30 p.m. –  Have dinner.

7:00- 10:30 p.m.- Intrasquad.

11:00 p.m.- Lights out.

Thursday, November 14th

8:00-8:30 a.m.- Get ready for my morning academic tour.

12:00 p.m.- End of tour and ‘see you later’ departures.

1:00 p.m. – Lunch with my mom and traveling home.