Hear the Buzz About the Yellow Jacket Basketball Team!


Olivia DeVore

Some of the many moments with WCHS Basketball.

The Woodford County Basketball team started their season on December 2nd. I had the opportunity to interview three of the players: Marcus Givens (12), Anthony Tabor (12), and Ashton Myles-DeVore (12). When interviewing the three players I asked them the same questions to see how their perspectives differ.

Was it hard to adapt to the new coaching staff?

All three of the players had similar statements consisting of the fact that the coaches were easy to get to know and understand.

Anthony Tabor (12) said, “Not really because the longer you play basketball the easier it is to adapt to the coach.”

Ashton Myles- DeVore (12) said, “No, not really because they are more our friends than coaches.” He thinks that this is an important factor to have a good team because it is easier to connect with the coaching staff and the players.

Marcus Givens (12) said “at first it was hard to get used to his coaching style because the plays were different than the previous years.”

How do you think this season will go?

Anthony Tabor (12) said, “Once everyone comes together and learns how to play with each other it will be good.”

Ashton Myles- DeVore (12) said,

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We have almost all of the pieces together and it should be good.”

— Ashton Myles- DeVore

Marcus Givens (12) explained that the main goal for the team is the state tournament at Rupp Arena. This would be a huge accomplishment for our team and the fact that we have a new coaching staff.

Who do you look up to in the basketball industry?

I video interviewed Marcus Givens (12) and a sophomore basketball player, Logan Taylor. While interviewing them I asked them the same question to see who they look up to.

What are the team’s goals for this season?

All three of the players stated that the main goal for the team this year is to make it to the game at Rupp Arena. “We have a chance to win the postseason tournament,” Givens stated. In order to win this game, all three agreed that they should work on becoming a team and playing like they have been together for a long time.  According to these three players, this is the main goal for everyone on the team because it will set a new accomplishment for the team.