An Out of This World Performance

The marching band gave a spectacular show last night at the annual community performance!


Lauren Watercutter

The marching band in place at the end of the first movement of their show.

The marching band’s season is coming to a close with one of their final performances last night at the community performance. Despite the sub 40 degree weather, the band had two successful runs at the performance that both received a large round of applause. This year, the title of the show was “In Orbit” and the themed circled around orbits and solar space. The field was set with large planets, including an 18 foot Jupiter, and the uniforms matched the show’s theme.

Ben Humphries (12) directing the marching band as one of the drum majors for the marching band this year.

The show contained many references to orbits as well as to the solar system. “There’s a lot of circular, rotating forms that are supposed to represent space,” said Ben Humphries (12), who is one of the drum majors this year. He describes the color guard flags as representing “the movement of the sun” with the yellow colors on each of the movement’s flags. “The drum major’s salute has an orbit element in it with a circular arm movement. Also, a lot of the choreography and body movement use circular elements to draw attention to orbiting and a lot of forms orbit around planet props.”

Macey Wade (12), in her fourth year of marching band, marching in this year’s show, “In Orbit”.

This night also included the senior night for the 11 seniors who are coming to the end of their final season in the Woodford County Marching Band. For many, this was an emotional and hard night, especially for the seniors as they are leaving a “part of their life” behind. “I’m really sad. Marching band is my favorite thing in the whole wide world and it’s over soon,” said Macey Wade (12), a saxophone player who has been in the marching band for the past four years. “I can’t believe it’s gone by this fast,” said Wade.

The impact that the marching band has had is seen in the lives of all these seniors. They described how much the marching band has changed their lives, whether it be how they present themselves or the relationships that they have created with the people they’ve met. “Marching band has shaped my attitude toward almost everything,” said Colin Teague (12), a sousaphone and baritone player who has been marching for four years. “I find myself waking up earlier and getting to things way more on time than before I joined the marching band,” said Teague. “It has created a family,” said Kate Burke (12), a piccolo player who has been playing for four years. “Most of my really close friends are in the marching band and we spend so much time together and we all support each other.”

Most of my really close friends are in the marching band and we spend so much time together and we all support each other.”

— Kate Burke

The band is finishing up their season with two more competitions. This Saturday they will be performing at the MSBA Class AAA Championship in Cinncinati, Ohio, and next Thursday the 14th, they will be leaving for Bands of America Grand Nationals in Indianapolis, Indiana.