Homecoming: Is it Rigged?

One student's opinion on how the spirit stick is won.


WCHS Student

Homecoming week is one that almost every student at Woodford County High School looks forward too. It is a fun-filled week that allows students to dress in crazy outfits and dance in the halls. This week is also a time that each grade level gets to unite to create their float for the WCHS Homecoming Parade held downtown on the eve of the big game. Not only do they create the float for fun, but it is also made for the competition, too!

Points are tallied during the week for the following: spirit wear, pop tabs, float and gym decor, and games won during the pep rally. The competition gets kind of crazy and the question always stands: Is it rigged? 

As a junior here at WCHS, I feel that homecoming and who wins the spirit stick is rigged.”

As a junior here at WCHS, I feel that homecoming and who wins the spirit stick is rigged. Every year the points are evenly tallied. However, the one part that is unfairly scored is the gym and float decor, because they’re voted on by the teachers. Every year the teachers vote for the seniors because they believe that the seniors, after four years of high school, deserve the win.

The whole competition is rigged because even though other grade levels might have better decor, the Senior Class will inevitably win, leaving them with 60 extra points in the competition. Every year juniors, sophomores, and even freshmen work hard to compete in hopes of maybe beating the seniors, yet still, fall short. Even though it is a tradition for seniors to win, the competition should be altered so that everyone in the school can have a chance at winning the spirit stick!

I believe that we should create a better system of voting so that every grade level has an equal opportunity to win the spirit stick.