A Time To Give Thanks

Asking students what they are thankful for and how they give thanks.


It’s that time of year where everyone is starting to make plans for the family to eat together on Thanksgiving. But really, what’s important is the giving thanks part because November is known as “National Gratitude Month,” a month for being grateful, blessed, and thankful. So, I asked various students “What are you grateful for?” and “How do you give thanks?” Here are their responses!



Other Responses:

Lydia Gaus (9) is thankful for her parents because they do everything for her. She gives back thanks by helping her parents in any way she can.

Josh Haack (10) is thankful for his grandma and girlfriend. He gives back thanks by helping his grandma with anything.

Teagan Heightchew (11) is thankful for his girlfriend. He gives back thanks by taking care of his girlfriend.

Shyann Kilfoyle (11) is thankful for everyone who has been there for her and music. She gives back thanks by usually sending paragraphs, but this year she decided to ask everyone what their favorite treat is, and made it for them.

Taylor Sallee (12) is thankful for her life and everyone in it, and the opportunities she has been given. She gives back by collecting old, unworn clothes and donates them to places for people in need.

Kennedy Kruse (12) is thankful for being in good health, her dogs, and being able to be with her friends and family for the holidays. She gives back thanks by trying to spread kindness and generosity to anyone and everyone.