Taking a Shot with KSBar and Grille

A comprehensive review of a Lexington sports bar.


Michaela Agee and Olivia DeVore

So you’re a sports fan? Maybe not, but are you a fan of food? If your answer was yes to either of these questions, then you’ll be interested in what we have to say. Opening just over a year ago, the KSBar and Grille is located on South Broadway in Lexington, Kentucky. The restaurant was started by Kentucky Sports Radio personalities Matt Jones, Drew Franklin, and Ryan Lemond. We took a trip, and we’re back to give you the deets!

Michaela Agee
KS’ bar and eating area.
Michaela Agee
KSBar and Grille Sampler, messy but delicious.

We arrived on a Friday at 4:00 pm, so the restaurant, as expected, was not very busy. We first ordered the appetizer “The KSBar and Grille Sampler.” This included Cheese Logs, Smk’ed Stuffed Bacon, Wrapped Jalapenos and House Chips Loaded to the Ceiling. We then added the Fried Pickles to our order. We received our food within ten minutes of ordering.


We first tried the House Chips Loaded to the Ceiling. This was made of fried chips with brisket, melted cheese sauce, hot sauce, and a small dollop of sour cream on the side. These nachos were very tasty and had a little kick of spice because of the hot sauce. The second item in the appetizer was Cheese Logs, commonly known as mozzarella sticks. We were pleasantly surprised by these Cheese Logs as they were unexpectedly large, which is why we were only served two. However, they tasted like the average cheese stick. We both disliked the Stuffed Jalapenos. For us, they were too greasy and we disliked the overall taste. 

Olivia Devore
Close up of crispy and golden fried pickles with spicy ranch.

Next, we indulged in some amazing fried pickles, served with a spicy ranch sauce. The portions were pretty reasonable, and we ended up taking a box of them home. Before we left, we made sure to place an order for dessert. First, we attempted to order the “S’ mores Brownie Sundae,” which our waitress informed was never carried in the, and she was unsure as to why it was on their menu. We then placed an order for the peanut butter pie, but our waitress shortly came back to tell us they were out. We settled for the derby pie, which was mediocre. We felt it was a bit overpriced, charging $6 for a slice of pie, containing about 4-5 bites. Who goes to a sports bar for pie anyway?

Michaela Agee
A small slice of ordinary derby pie.

Matt Jones (one of the owners of KSBar) kindly agreed to sit down for a short interview about the restaurant. According to Jones, the idea of creating the restaurant was inspired by the fact that the men (KSR personalities) felt there were no good sports bars in Lexington and it would make as a great way for them to expand their business. Jones himself says he typically visits the restaurant about “three times per week.” The most popular menu item is their wings. This is also Jones’ favorite item. “You can’t beat ‘em” he said. The restaurant recently celebrated its first anniversary, and something that has surprised Jones over this past year is the restaurant’s popularity. For him, the best part is “getting to meet fans.” When asked to describe the restaurant’s atmosphere during a Kentucky game, he used the words “wild” and “sad when Kentucky is losing.” If you’re wanting to open a restaurant of your own, he has some advice for you. Be sure to “identify your audience.” KSBar provides an atmosphere for Kentucky sports fans (specifically KSR fans.)

Olivia Devore
The huge screen at the front of the restaurant. Great for watching games!

With good service and, for the most part, pretty great food, the KSBar and Grille was enjoyable. The portions were reasonable to their prices, except for the pie. This restaurant creates the perfect atmosphere to watch a Kentucky ballgame, and we’d be interested in going back for that experience.