Charlie Corum Crushes the Charts

Senior Charlie Corum is at the top of the chart for home runs in the state of Kentucky


Photo by Casey Humphreys.

Charlie going up to bat versus East Jessamine.

Casey Humphreys, Staff Reporter

Did you see that ball fly over the fence? Well… one person did, and that is Charlie Corum. Corum is the starting catcher and a captain on the Woodford County baseball team. One huge impact he brings to the plate is his ability to hit the ball and to send it over the fence. In fact, he has sent the ball over the fence TEN times!

Hitting dingers is my #1 passion.

— Charlie Corum

That puts Corum third in this year’s home run hitting list in the state of Kentucky. Additionally, Corum is also 14th for the base on balls and is also 22nd for slugging. For 65 at-bats, Charlie has 25 hits, five doubles, and ten home runs.

Photo by Casey Humphreys.
Charlie Corum back behind the plate playing catcher.

After Wednesday’s home game win versus East Jessamine, I stopped and asked Corum about his huge accomplishments. The first question asked was, “Did you expect to get this high on the home-run list?” He said, “Yes because I set high expectations for myself and try to make sure I reach them.”

I also asked him, “What does it feel like when you hear that you’re placed in the top twenty-five for three stat charts in the state?” He said, “It feels great knowing that not only am I recognized but that people can see how far I’ve come in the past four years of high school baseball.”

The boys have one more week of regular season play until they start the playoffs and begin the ROAD TO STATE.