Our Story: 17 Years of Being Best Friends

Chatting about friendship, mental health, and everything in between


Reagan Caudill and Chap Hollin in their Preschool days.

Filmed and Edited by Chap Hollin.

Chap and I decided for our final Jacket Journal piece we’d create a video all about our friendship! Chap and I have been best friends for 17 years now, and our relationship is very special to both of us. In this video, we sit down together and discuss all the details of our friendship and what being friends for 17 years has meant to us.

CAUTION: We also discuss some heavy topics like eating disorders and depression. So, our discussions may contain triggering content. We hope you enjoy this video and the rest of this school year! We would also like to thank Woodford County High School for making our senior year the best school year ever! Peace out WoCo 🙂