Not Travelling? No Problem. We’ve Got You Covered!

Suggestions for a fun spring break, even if you are staying in town


Photo by Casey Humphreys.

A sign pointing directions for different ages of children. to have fun.

Tyler Case and Casey Humphreys

Are you staying in town this spring break? Found out that you have nothing to do during the whole week off? Well, here’s a few options for activities to do that are close by and that are not going to empty your wallet dry. There are many places to go, but there are a few that may interest you and make you want to get out and enjoy your time out running around instead of staying inside all week long.


If you don’t know about Jacobson park, it’s a park that you can do pretty much any activity there. It also has cool events like pedal boating and kayaking out at their gigantic pond that takes up a part of the huge park. Most parks don’t have a dog park, big basketball courts, fishing (you need a valid fishing license if 16 or older), and outdoor volleyball courts for the general public. Though it’s free to go out and enjoy the park, it does cost money to do pedal boating and kayaking out in the pond but it’s a fun time.


If you have soon extra money in your pocket, Keeneland is your best pick it is a fun and enjoyable experience that is fun with the whole family. The good thing is that the Spring Meet starts on April 4th. I would jump the gun and go ahead and grab your seating tickets because it’s always packed for the races. For general admission, the tickets are $5 but seats are not included. If you have a little more money in your pocket the Grandstand Reserved seats are $10 on the days of Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday but on Saturday it’s $20. These prices tickets include the $5  general admission fee. If you are going to be there all day you are going to need to eat. Yes, the food is pricey but you do get good food for what you pay. Of course, gambling is with horse racing and for those over the age of 18, but if you are under the age of 18 it is still a fun experience if you can not bet on horses the horse racing atmosphere is all you need.


If looking for a cheaper and more local spot to hang out and have fun Falling Springs is your best bet. There are many things that are fun you can do at Falling Springs including indoor swimming, playing basketball and running around the track. Ages 3-15 are $4.25 while 16 and up are $6.50. It’s really fun with a group of friends or with your whole family. Make sure if you were to go all day bring some food and drinks.


Looking for a fun experience that takes you back to Biblical times. Although this place is expensive it is well worth the price for an all-day experience. If you plan to visit and purchase the cheaper option you get a one day visit to the ark. If you get the Museum and the Ark combo it gets more and more pricey. There are awesome exhibits that scope from a zoo from state of the art exhibits are just some of the things you can do at this wonderful Ark.


Feeling lazy after sitting all week, eating food and watching Netflix? Well, Sky Zone is an indoor trampoline park that ranges with various activities. Sky Zone is a fun way to stay active and have fun during spring break. At this awesome trampoline park the activities vary for example you can dunk on basketball goals, play dodge ball with your friends and family’s and just jump around. At Sky Zone, you pay to jump for one hour and it’s plenty of enough time to have fun because you will learn quickly that you get tired very easy. For one hour it’s $14 a person plus the $2 for Sky Zone socks. As you increase the time you jump the price also goes up. I’m also very sure you can find promo codes and discounts on the internet as well. If looking for an exercise and to have fun Sky Zone is your best choice to have fun with friends or family!