Did Someone Say Meow

Why you need a furry friend


Ashley Rocha, Staff Reporter

Featuring a cat who is obsessed with herself. Photo by Ashley Rocha.

Cats are the most common pet to have in America. Before anyone throws their argument out about dogs being the superior pet, I want to say that cats are more than just a furry animal that sleeps (sorry to those hairless cats, we acknowledge you too). Read on to find out why cats are the best pets to have.

Beautiful photogenic kitty located at the Humane Society. Photo by Ashley Rocha.

One of the top reasons that pushed me to become a crazy cat lady is that we both love to sleep a lot. I need a pet who can sleep as much as me. So, if you’re looking for a sleeping buddy, your local animal shelter might have the perfect feline for you. The Humane Society has so many precious cats that are urging you to adopt them. Cats are animals that keep themselves clean and know what’s best for them.

Cats are pretty much unpredictable. A cat can either do the funniest thing in the room or be the most intimidating presence. Cats can make anything fun. Many cats love boxes– it’s one of the strangest things all cats have in common.

Here’s a list containing the reasons cats are the perfect pets for everyone:

Cats Are Low Maintenance 

Cats are animals that keep themselves clean and know what’s best for them. Cats will keep themselves in check and groom themselves daily. Of course, it is nice to spoil your cat and brush its fur once in a while especially if your cat loses a lot of hair.

A clean cat is a healthy cat. Photo by Ashley Rocha.

Cats Can Sleep as Much as We Do (If Not More) 

For someone who has a busy schedule and wants a pet, a cat is a perfect animal. If you’re someone who loves to sleep and does not have high energy for an energetic pet, a cat is a perfect pet to match that lifestyle. Cats will sleep, eat, and relax with you and be the best lazy companion.


Truthfully cats are so adorable from the moment you listen to their angelic purrs you will swoon and become captivated by this furry animal. Cats are the softest, tiny creatures who will turn your frown upside down.

Quirky Cat chilling on the sink. Photo by Ashley Rocha.


Cats can be the laziest animals but can be playful as well. Cats will find anything to be an adventure. Playing with your cat at least 15 minutes a day is a stress reliever and a bonding moment between your furry friend. Any toy is fun for a cat. Most cats love string/yarn and it is an inexpensive item to keep your cat entertained.

Gorgeous kitty cat admiring the photographer. By Ashley Rocha.

If these reasons have convinced you to get a cat, remember your local animal shelter or Humane Society always has cats. Another suggestion is to adopt, don’t shop!