Consignment Prom Dress Shopping

Get a good deal on a dress that is uniquely you!

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Consignment Prom Dress Shopping

Erin Lawson, Staff Editor

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Most girls go prom dress shopping at the mall or expensive stores like Miss Priss or Geno’s, but there are other great shops are highly overlooked. Consignment stores usually have a wide selection of slightly used prom dresses, some from popular brands like Sherri Hill and Jovani, at unbelievably low prices.

Consignment stores usually have a wide selection of slightly used prom dresses, some from popular brands like Sherri Hill and Jovani, at unbelievably low prices. ”

Surprisingly there are many stores like this in Frankfort, Lexington, and Richmond. Consignments stores are also a great place to sell old prom dresses to be used again. My favorite consignment store in Frankfort is called Brenda Reid Imaging, a small boutique-style store with half of the store dedicated to prom and pageant dresses. The staff is small and extremely friendly, and the store also offers a wide selection of jewelry.

If you’re in the Lexington area, Stephen Lawrence is a high-end consignment store with two locations and an entire floor dedicated to formal dresses for all occasions, including prom, pageants, homecoming, and weddings. They have formal wear for men as well. They also have a large selection of jewelry and shoes. From personal experience, I believe they have the best prom jewelry selection. The staff is extremely helpful, and the store’s also great for reselling old formal dresses. For instance, I recently sold them my prom dress from last year for a good profit.

Interior of Stephen Lawrence. Photo by Google.

If you aren’t looking to try consignment shopping, but still want a unique prom dress, there are multiple vintage and antique stores in Lexington. My personal favorite is Street Scene, a vintage clothing store that sells pieces from all eras, and it surprisingly has a large selection of formal dresses. None of their pieces are ever torn or damaged. Prices vary from piece to piece but are never too expensive. The atmosphere of the store is cool and relaxing, and you’ll love their collection of antiques and furniture, too.

Street Scene. Photo by Google.

Feather Your Nest is another vintage store in Lexington with lots of vintage dresses. This store, however, specializes in a wide variety of antiques—not just clothes. They do have a wide variety of dresses that are simply stunning. The prices tend to be higher there since many of the dresses are in pristine condition. But all of the dresses I’ve seen there are classy and beautiful. They also have a wide selection of vintage jewelry; I’ve bought several pieces and loved them all.

Feather Your Nest. Photo by Google.

I hope this article helps you find a dress that is uniquely you, wherever you end up going. I love stores like Miss Priss—don’t get me wrong—but for many of us, stores like that are far too expensive. Remember, your prom dress should make you feel comfortable and gorgeous, and the amount of money you spend on it shouldn’t make you feel less beautiful.