Girls United: Read All About It!

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Girls United: Read All About It!

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Girls United is a club here at Woodford County High School. The club is run by Mrs. Gibson and includes many girls of all grades. Girls United is a club that’s purpose is to unite and empower girls across Woodford County. Being a young girl in a small community can be difficult, and it is important to empower the young women of this community.

Chap Hollin

When asked what Girls United is, Mrs. Gison said, “We are a club for girls at WCHS, and we work to unite girls in a positive, encouraging, and uplifting way. We promote acceptance and kindness, and our mission is to build each other up instead of tear each other down.”

Girls United has big plans for the club this year. The club has plans to become mentors to the eighth-grade girls at Woodford County Middle School. The club thinks this important because they feel that the transition between middle school and high school is difficult. The girls in the club bond over their experiences of being a young girl in Woodford County. The high school girls made it their mission to prepare and welcome the eighth-grade girls to the High School.

The high school girls in the club are very excited about this opportunity. Many of the girls, like a high school senior Macy Upthegrove (12) said, “I am happy about the chance to be a role model for an eighth-grade girl. I am excited to make them less nervous about high school.”

Ms. Gibson
Preparing for Valentine’s Day

The Girl’s United club also has an Instagram to share all the news going on in the club and to stay connected with the eighth-grade girls. The Instagram username is @wofogirlsunited and it is run by all of the wonderful girls in the club. Go follow their Instagram page to keep up with all the great things the club is doing! The Instagram page also shares inspirational quotes for all of the girls that follow.

The WCHS girls in the club have planned workshops for the eighth-grade girls to build a relationship with them. The workshops will all be held at WCHS and will have lots of fun activities, yummy snacks, and opportunities to form new friendships.

The workshops are as follows:
-Galentine’s Day/ Getting to Know You: Thursday, February 31st, 3:45-5:00 pm
-March Madness: Thursday, March 21st, 3:45-5:00 pm

-Picnic and Painting: Thursday, April 25th, 3:45-5:00 pm


The high school girls in the club have dedicated countless hours to creating something that will make a difference in the community and these girls’ lives. All the girls involved in creating these events have worked hard to plan activities that will help the younger girls. The girls have planned activities that will prepare the girls for high school and help them grow as young women. Some of the activities include writing a letter to oneself that the girls will open when they come to high school. Another activity for the April workshop is painting and a picnic outside. The high school girls said that they plan to share their awkward, heartfelt, and possibly embarrassing stories from their freshmen year. The high school girls think it’s crucial to share personal stories to ease the girl’s nerves. The high school girls are striving to form a lasting connection with the girls that attend the meetings.