2019 NFL Playoffs: Who Has What it Takes?

Everyone in America has their eyes on the NFL as 8 teams battle for the title of “Champions”

Photo by Rob Foldy

Photo by Rob Foldy

Robert Sunseri, Staff Reporter

With the first round of true playoff games coming this weekend (January 12, 2019), everyone is waiting to see who will come out on top. This year we have some returning teams as well as some new challengers. This is how I believe the 2019 NFL playoffs will play out.

Quarterfinal Matches

Kansas City Chiefs v. Indianapolis Colts: Kansas City, who lost in the wildcard game last year to the Titans, play Indianapolis who did not appear in the playoffs last year. Bottom line: I believe the Chiefs will win this game. Having gone 12-4, Mahomes and his offense appear unstoppable. Although the Chiefs’ defense may be lacking, I do not think the Colts have what it takes to stop the Chiefs despite their momentum. Kansas City also has the home field advantage, only losing 1 game at home this season. If the Colts are able to hold off the Chiefs’ offense by holding possession for a large amount of time, they might be able to clinch the win, however, I feel that chance is slim.

L.A. Rams v. Dallas Cowboys: I don’t have much to say on this game, but I feel the Rams can take this game home. Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot make a powerful offense for the Cowboys, and I feel that the Rams’ defense will struggle, especially in the first half, but Jared Goff and his offense should be able to explode on the Cowboys’ defense, making for a high scoring game.

New England Patriots v. L.A. ChargersThe AFC seems to have the best games this year with Kansas City v. Indianapolis, and this game is no exception. The Patriots have been arguably the best performing team in the NFL for a long time, and this year they still seem strong. Going 11-5, the Patriots play the Chargers, who are going 12-4. The Patriots have the advantage according to expert analysts and the fact that they have a home field advantage. However, I think this will be an upset and the Chargers will win. After losing Malcolm Butler, the Patriots’ defense has been sort of lacking. Also, Tom Brady is getting older and it is showing. He was never athletic, and now more than ever, he can’t run the ball. He has to rely on Gronkowski if he doesn’t pass the ball. Philip Rivers, on the other hand, is performing extremely well this year and despite New England’s home field advantage, I believe the Chargers will win this game.

New Orleans Saints v. Philidelphia Eagles: Don’t have much to say about this one. The Eagles scraped by in their wildcard game with a missed field goal that half the world saw. The Saints are simply the better team. They are going 13-3 as opposed to the Eagles’ 9-7 this season. The Saints will definitely win this one. (If the Eagles somehow win don’t get mad at me)



Kansas City Chiefs v. L.A. Chargers: Assuming I am correct in my quarterfinal picks, Kansas City will host the game and therefore have the home field advantage. As I stated before, Kansas City has extreme momentum as their star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, starts his first season. Their offense is something not to be reckoned with and I just don’t believe the Chargers Defense, ranking only 9th in the 2018 season, have what it takes to stop Kansas City’s Offense.

New Orleans Saints v. L.A. RamsThis is definitely going to be a close game. Drew Brees is having his redemption year and is on fire, however, Jared Goff is finally proving his prowess after a disappointing first year and an okay second. This game will ultimately come down to a battle of defenses and when it comes down to it, the Saints have a better defense. Although the Rams have an abysmal defense, ranking in the 20’s overall, the Saint’s passing defense is awful, ranking second worst in the league. If Goff can pass just somewhat as well as he did this season, I think he can overpower the Saint’s defense and take the game home.


Super Bowl

Kansas City Chiefs v. L.A. Rams: The Super Bowl. Everyone has their eyes on this game, the most watched televised event in the country. What a story it would be if Mahomes got a Super Bowl ring his first year starting for the Chiefs. As much as I want the Chiefs to win by a landslide, it is going to be by no means easy. Assuming these two teams do indeed play in the super bowl, it would be a great game to watch. The battle of two young, promising quarterbacks. If you look at the numbers, you would see that the Chiefs have an awful defense, ranking 31st overall in the league. However, if you take into account how explosive the Chief’s offense is, ranking 1st in the league, and the Ram’s mediocre defense, the Chiefs will win.

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