Halloween: A Legendary Series Coming to an End

A description of the Halloween movies beginning to end.

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  • This movie was the original of the series where Michael Myers originated as a child who killed his sister, Judith Myers, on October 31st, 1963 when he was only 6. The movie worked off of the idea that Michael was simply pure evil without any elaborate family feuds, just the need to kill people and as many as possible. And after 15 years in an institution, he escapes and goes on another killing spree slaughtering 7 innocent people.

  • Halloween 2 was a follow up to the first movie directly after the ending of the first movie where Michael tracks Laurie Strode to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital where she was being treated for Michael’s attempt on her life. Throughout this movie, the plot began to develop and was an attempt at killing Michael Myers and Dr.Loomis, Michael’s psychiatrist for the fifteen years he was locked up. Michael racked up around 10 kills throughout the movie and 11 in the novel, the movie is often considered a disappointment from fans with Michael’s “death” in the end.

  • Halloween 3 took the series in a whole new direction attempting to make completely different plotlines each new Halloween movie, which was the original intention of the Halloween movies. This movie is known for its completely loony story and its high kill count as an attempt to replace Michael Myers. The movie had a total of twenty-one kills varying from decapitation to getting blasted by multiple lasers which were the case for nine unfortunate henchmen.

  • Halloween 4 started out ten years after Michael’s original kill streak, conveniently waking up on Halloween eve after an ambulance attendant decides to begin talking up the Myers family tree. They mention Michael’s niece Jamie, daughter of Laurie Strode, awakening him for some reason. He killed both of the tenants and continued on his hunt for remaining family members which are still being guarded by Dr.Loomis. The movie ends with Michael getting shot a lot then falling into an empty mine shaft conveniently placed nearby a river. But Michael kills a fair amount of people with a total of 18 kills and Jamie with 1.

  • Halloween 5 was a direct follow up to the fourth movie showing Michael crawling out of the mine shaft and into the river nearby where he floated to a mountain man’s shack. After a year in a coma, Michael wakes up and kills that very generous mountain man who’s been caring for him for a year. He continues his family feud and heads straight for Haddonfield, but along with his family feud, he now bears a mark of some sort as an attempt to explain his rage and strength. With this new storyline, a new mystery character is introduced who kills 7 people when breaking Michael Myers out of the local holding cell. Michael kills 12 random people all in an attempt to get to his niece.

  • Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers was a continuation of the previous movies going deeper and deeper into the cult-like storyline which was presented in the previous movie. The basic slasher story of the movie was simply Micheal Myers targeting one guy throughout the movie simply because of his connection to the strode family, the family that adopted Michael’s sister Laurie Strode. By the end of the movie, Michael racked up around 17 different kills, 7 of which being doctors getting hacked up by Michael.

  • This movie brought back the original storyline just after the second movie where Laurie Strode doesn’t die and her granddaughter, Jamie Strode the target of the 4th and 5th movies, didn’t exist. And the cult-like plotline is thrown out, to which I say good riddance. The movie took place at a Californian Boarding School where Laurie Strode is now the dean and her son is attending the same school. Of course in classic Halloween style, Michael shows up and begins killing people and works his way up to Laurie and her son. He gets a measly 7 kills throughout the movie giving the movie the weakest of the series yet.

  • Halloween: Ressurection is considered the absolute worst of the series with terrible characters and an even more convoluted plotline. The movie centered around some random college students that are offered money to participate in a web series taking place in the original Myers home on Halloween night. Of course, Michael shows up and the story takes a turn revealing that the hosts of the crappy web show had set everything up. Then Michael begins killing off each of them one by one only being stopped by martial arts enthusiasts/scammer Busta Rhymes after getting kicked out of a window.

  • This movie was a different point of view of the Halloween movies starting at Michael Myers very beginning, except Rob Zombie morphed the original Myers family into a white trash trailer family. And in this movie Michael wasn’t just pure evil he was a standard psychopath, in fact, Judith Myers wasn’t his first kill, a random bully from school winded up being his first kill. The focuses on his time at the institution, the escape, and the hunt for his younger sister and some top quality kills hitting a solid 20.

  • Halloween 2 was the product of the very reluctant Rob Zombie attempting to continue the relatively successful previous movie. This time Michael came back as a crazy mountain man still on the hunt for his sister who’s been pushed to the breaking point from doctor Loomis after he released a book which states that she’s actually Michael Myers sister. The kills occurred in as randomly as usual committed by a mountain man, dream-induced, Michael Myers and finally the “death” of Michael Myers.

  • This newest installment in the Halloween franchise brought back the original intention for Michael Myer’s character. In this movie Michael was far more brutal, but there wasn’t any pattern in his killings unlike the other movies where he killed based on some family plotline. In this movie he killed because he was evil, simple as that. But mixed in with his killer complex is the blood thirsty Laurie Strode from the very first movie where she wasn’t his sister but rather a victim of his random killings. In this movie Laurie Strode is also hunting Michael with an elaborate safe house made to trap and kill Michael. There was a total of 18 kills all some of the most brutal of the series.

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Blake Heller, Staff Reporter