The Spooky Specter Detector

This game does not play around.

Riley Gardner, Staff Reporter

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Originally made by the William Fuld Company, today Hasbro sells the Ouija Board as a game complete with written rules. Many people, however, use the Ouija board as more than a game, using it as an oracle would or to communicate with spirits. The game consists of a board with letters and numbers and a wooden piece called a planchet. Some people have their own set of rules to play by aside from the rules that come with the game provided by Hasbro. These rules are long and cumbersome, but among the rules, the most important is to always close out the session by saying goodbye. 

As I set out to find people to interview and see how they interacted with the game board, I found it difficult to find people who have ever actually used the board, and for good reason, too. Finally, I had found someone who would do an interview, but they wished to remain anonymous.

She played the game with some friends of hers during her sophomore year of high school. She and her friends all took it as a joke, and they were laughing.

We were laughing, then it told us it was from hell, it went from laughing to really really serious.”

When they asked what the spirit was, the planchet moved and the spirit told the girls it was from hell. Suddenly, the joke was over. The girls soon felt a dark presence come over them like they were being choked with fear. The girl ended the game and lived uncomfortably in her own home, now knowing there was a demonic presence.