Kentucky Men’s Basketball Review

My predictions on the upcoming UK Wildcat basketball season

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Kentucky Men’s Basketball Review

Kevin York, Staff Reporter

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How Does Coach Calipari Work?

Coach Cal is the current Kentucky men’s basketball head coach and has one SEC national championships and four final fours with UK. Coach Calipari likes to scream at his players so they can win and run the right plays. He also likes to get these plays in the player’s heads so they know where they are going and what they are doing. He wants his players to learn more, become better and he wants to win all at the same time. This follows up by him coaching the youngest team last year and still making it to the tournament. Coach Cal normally takes young players and comes up with a young team, and this year Cal has six freshmen, three sophomores, one junior and four seniors. This matters to the season because all those freshmen are playing almost the whole game and they do not have much experience which means they do not know how to act well on the court as well as the juniors and seniors, which could screw over this year’s Kentucky season but coach cal always has A young team and flips it to make it good and go to the SEC tournament. 

“I think he has a lot of youth, young talent, has really good recruits and I think they will have a fabulous season.”
-Logan Wallace Taylor (Freshman) on Calipari’s Recruits

       Kentucky Men’s Basketball History 

NBA stars Like John Wall, Demarcus Cousins, Anthony Davis, and Eric Bledsoe and many more have come from Kentucky. Also, you have to remember that Coach Cal likes to pick young players to teach them and make them better. John Calipari has sent all those young NBA stars into the pros! But also in the past, we have made rivals like Louisville, Duke, Florida. Have you ever wondered why Kentucky fans hate these teams? Well, we were Playing Duke one time and Duke made a half-court buzzer beater to beat Kentucky and a separate game Christian Laettner, stomped on Aminu Timberlake’s chest while he was on the ground. Since John arrived at Kentucky we have won 1 national championship and Louisville hates us for that. Our past few seasons we have had younger players and have made it to the tournament each time and made it to the sweet 16 on average, our team is young but last season was younger last season in the tournament we were the 5th seed in the south region when the Cal expected to be the 12th seed. We still have players from last season which were good just not good enough to make it to the NBA but we still have good recruits and good people from last season which could mean that our team gets better, but the recruits could also be bad which would make the team worse.

“Honestly I feel like Kentucky can go all the way this season. Even though we will be a very young team, I still feel like we have a lot of talent. If our guys can get together and play as a team, we easily will be able to make it through the tourney all the way to our 9th national championship.”
-Austin Adkins (Junior) on how far he thinks Kentucky will make it in the tourney

       How Young is Kentucky?

John Calipari has recruited six freshmen as I said in the past, the freshmen he recruited were Immanuel Quickley, EJ Montgomery, Keldon Johnson, Tyler Herro, Jemarl Baker. The Sophomores this year are Nick Richards (Returning) PJ Washington (Returning) and Quade Green which is also returning to the team. The only Junior this year that is on the team is Brad Calipari which is a good shooter and also the coaches son. The senior we have this year are Jonny David. We have 9 Guards and 5 forwards which means the team does not have much height on the team other than our forwards. We almost have more freshman than we do sophomores juniors and seniors which means we have a young team, just like recent years.      

“Reid Travis and PJ Washington because Travis
has size and experience. Washington has a good driving ability”
-Andrew David Birch (Freshman) on top 2 players on the 2018-2019 team

  My Final Prediction …

I think that Kentucky will make it to the tournament and lose in the elite eight. I think this because it seems like when it comes to Kentucky, our younger players get under pressure very easily. Once we play the first couple games it will be easy because there are some teams that have a very small college which does not have very good teams. Once it comes down to the sweet sixteen is where we start struggling, this is where our players are overthinking it and getting pressured during the game. I also think that our juniors and seniors are a little bit used to the pressure because they are experienced and have been in the situation where these six freshmen have not. I also think this because I feel like the other teams will grab so many boards than us because half our team is filled with guards and the other half is forwards. I feel like we are going to get flat out destroyed by rebounds just because we have no height, some UK fans will say “young but potential” about our team which is true. This is true because we make it to the tournament and sweet 16 every year with a young team and we keep returning to the sweet 16 over and over.