Spectacular Seniors: September

This month I featured two Spectacular Seniors! The two Seniors I chose are the Senior class President and Vice President. These standout students set a great example for their classmates at Woodford County High School.

September 21, 2018

Spectacular Seniors: Maddie Gatewood

Maddie Gatewood is the senior class president. She has a huge passion for WCHS and everyone in it. Maddie explains that it hasn’t really hit her that she’s a senior, but she enjoys being the oldest in the school. When asked what excites her most about being a senior she said, “I’m excited to be a senior because we get to guide the underclassmen on how to act during spirit weeks or school events like football games. It’s also pretty nice to be the students who get priority at sporting events and we don’t have to do standardized testing like CERT or the ACT if we don’t want to.”

Maddie puts a huge emphasis on seniors setting a good example for fellow students. Maddie explains she is excited about graduation, but she’s also savoring the year. She said, “I’m excited to go to college and I think I’m ready to live on my own at school, but I really love WCHS and all of the people here, and I definitely think that the culture of our school is something unique.”

Maddie also has some big plans for her future. She does plan to go to college, but she’s not quite sure where yet. Maddie is looking for a school that has strong medical and dental programs. She does plan to attend a medical or professional school after college.  Maddie is interested in a career in the medical field. When asked if she’s going to miss high school Maddie said, “Yes, I really like Woodford County and the students and staff at the high school. I’ve enjoyed growing up in a community that is so closely knit both in the school and the town as a whole.” Maddie has lots of love for Woodford but is excited about her future.

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    Spectacular Seniors: Amber Kling

    Amber Kling is the Senior class vice president. She has some big dreams for her future. Amber seems super excited about her senior year and talks a lot about how she thinks it’s going to be her favorite year. Many seniors are eager to graduate, but Amber views this year as a time to enjoy. When asked what she is most excited about for this year she gave a sincere answer: “I am most excited about experiencing all the bonding adventures with my fellow seniors. New York, prom, pep rallies, student sections, they all feel more special now that we know it’s all coming to an end.”

    Senior year is a packed year, and many people are hustling to reach their goals. Amber’s dream school is the University of Kentucky. She plans to follow her first four years of college with medical school. She talks about what career she wants to pursue with enthusiasm. Amber’s dream career is in “Psychiatry because I find the brain incredibly interesting and I am very passionate about helping people.” Amber also has big plans after she graduates. She wants to work as a pharmacy technician to pay her way through college and medical school. Senior class vice president Amber Kling is one of the many bright seniors who dream big for their futures.

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