Spectacular Seniors: October

For the October Senior Spotlights I decided to pick two students with a passion for the arts. These two students have incredibly bright futures!

October 30, 2018

Spectacular Seniors: Chap Hollin

Chap Hollin is another spectacular senior here at Woodford County High School. Chap has a passion for dancing, singing, and all things performing arts. Chap dances at Blackbird Dance Studio and performs in many shows all year long. I interviewed Chapman about his senior year, and he gave me some amazing answers. Chap has big dreams he is pursuing.

When asked what excites him most about being a senior, Chap said, “The answer must be obvious! I’m most excited about packing my bags and leaving! Not to say this school hasn’t taught me a lot— I just have this ‘itch’ to break out of this small town. I have to keep telling myself it’s not that far away. The city life is just calling my name!” Chap wants to move to a big city to have a vast amount of opportunities. Going to college is Chap’s plan for the future. He has applied to four schools and is hoping one of them will become his new home.

Chap speaks with great passion about a school called Boston Conservatory and describes it as his “dream school.” While in College chap wants to study acting and eventually do some work in film. Chap has a lot of feelings when it comes to graduating as many seniors do. Chap explains his feelings toward this year in a way that so many students can relate to. Chap said, “While I am super excited about leaving, I definitely feel some deep-rooted anxiety separating myself from these people I’ve known and loved my entire life— looking around at all of my friends and sort of having to be okay with the chance that after this year, I may never see or talk to them again. In that, I’ve inspired myself to take advantage of the time that I’ve been given with my very first friends.”

Chap is one of the very talented seniors we have in Woodford County. I know he will go on to do great things and use his talent to make an impact.


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    Spectacular Seniors: Kennedy Johnson

    Kennedy Johnson is another spectacular senior here at Woodford County High School. Kennedy has dreams of living in a big city. She is enjoying her senior year and talks about the senior class in an admirable way.

    When asked what she thinks of senior year so far, Kennedy said, “So far, I love it! Our whole class seems to be way more positive and inclusive than any of the previous years.”

    Kennedy is keeping busy her senior year with many great activities. Johnson seems excited about her opportunities, and she’s got big things happening this year. Kennedy said, “This year will be my third and final year of being apart of Woodford Theatre’s Young Artist Program, and I am also the Box Office Marketing Intern at Woodford Theatre. This year, we are going to Atlanta, Georgia to participate in a theatre festival, and we are taking The Lion King, and I will be playing the part of Rafiki once again.” Johnson has many opportunities that are going to make her senior year one to remember.

    Kennedy does plan on going to college after she graduates. Johnson is still applying to colleges but says that her dream school is New York University. Broadcast journalism, writing, or acting are her biggest hopes for the future. Kennedy wants to continue her love for musical theatre as much as possible as she earns her degree. Kennedy is one of the many talented seniors Woodford is honored to have. She has big dreams and will go on to do great things after graduation.


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