Student Safe Places: Where WCHS Feels Welcoming

Places in WCHS where our students feel safe.

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  • Dr. S’s Room, room 201, is an incredibly welcoming classroom. Usually, the lights are off, and instead of the uncomfortable fluorescent lighting, she has soft string lights. Besides the physical atmosphere, Dr. S is one of the best teachers to go to if you need literally anything. She is a great conversationalist and listener, is very understanding, and will always meet you with a smile and a “darling.” She has a very comforting presence and the room itself is calming.

  • Under the back stairwell is private and isolated. It is the perfect place if you need somewhere to cry without being bothered. There is a folding chair, so you don’t have to sit on the floor. I would avoid this area between class change, though, especially if you want to be alone.

  • The Agriculture hallway bathroom is my personal favorite bathroom and is located near the Orchestra room and the door to the school parking lot. It isn’t ever flooded or locked; it is convenient and accessible. This bathroom is sort of away from everything, so it is quiet and private. I’ve only encountered other students in the Ag bathroom twice.

  • The box in the AV room is completely secluded. Generally, there is no one in there, but when there is, stay out, so the media team can do their work. The box is typically used for editing Channel 4, specifically monitoring the audio, so it is mostly soundproof. It is very quiet, and it closes from the inside. Personally, I would recommend this place only if you are comfortable with someone on the Media team, but I know the box has always been accessible when I have needed some alone time.

  • Ms. Wiley’s room has always been a safe place for me. She and Ellis have a joint closet with a bathroom and all. Typically you are not allowed in unless you are Charlotte or Eloise, but on special occasions, (when you need a private space) Ms. Wiley is kind and understanding enough to let you use that space.

  • Ms. Schwarz’s room, room 152, is probably my favorite place in the entire school. Her room is very homey and pleasant. She, like Dr. S, rarely turns on the overhead lights and just uses natural light and string lights and the room is covered in artwork, cards, and inspirational quotes. Ms. Schwarz herself is very compassionate and wise, and I highly recommend taking one of her classes. She is great to talk to and even once said that her second job is being a therapist for her students, truly a beautiful soul. I cannot praise her enough, she has been my saving grace this year.

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