Landon Sears

Extracurricular Activities You Can Get Involved In!

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  • Getting to see our Yellow Jackets succeed in basketball is very pleasing. Getting to see our friends go up and dunk, then the whole gym go crazy, is so fun to be a part of.

  • The atmosphere of the Woodford County football games is some of the most unique environments to be in. Getting loud with the filled student section is always a go-to every Friday night!

  • Our baseball team is always fun to go out and watch and support your friends or family. Even if you normally don’t like to watch baseball, seeing the people you know playing makes it actually enjoyable to be there and watch.

  • If you struggle to focus at home, come to Homework Club to get all of your work done. It is a safe and quiet space that you can come to and get help from teachers or if you just need quiet study time.

  • You can come out and support the school play. We host every year at the Woodford Theater. You never know if you might like it–try new things– support your school!

  • Lacrosse games are kind of a laid back chill time; you can just enjoy with some friends and have a good time. Even with me not being a fan of lacrosse, it’s always fun to go and support my friends and classmates.

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