Promoting Positive Self Talk

Advice from an incoming sophomore about positive self talk and the realization that your thoughts are valid.

Positive self-talk can help you improve your outlook on life. It can also have lasting positive health benefits, including improved well-being and a better quality of life.”

— Healthline

As a freshman, especially after the pandemic experience, I felt the need to grow up faster as I transitioned from a 7th grader to a freshman through this tough time. With this change, my mental health scattered, and I wasn’t the same person I was before, and that’s okay. However, the negative self-talk that took over my brain was horrid, and I could not think anything positive about anything. As the year went on, I realized how crucial positive self-talk is, and I learned how to view myself and other things around me as positive. This piece will hopefully give you insight on how to grow your mind into viewing yourself as important.

Learning to Deal with Failure

High school was a new stressor for me, and with it came the idea of failure. In my past school years, even with one failed test or a failing grade one semester, you still were allowed to pass. Freshman year changed that, and I realized that even if I tried my hardest, I could still fail. Unfortunately, failure is a part of life and that’s okay. We sometimes need to fail to realize where the rooms for improvement are.   I stopped putting that pressure of being perfect on my back and just tried my very best and even if my best wasn’t enough, it felt good to know I cared. You will not do the best you possibly can unless you have a clear, positive mindset. 

Loving Your Self

Self-image is also a huge problem for many high-schoolers. Comparisons are constant, and we spend more time looking in the mirror than finishing our Algebra homework that’s two days late. People are mean and will say anything to bring people down, but that is the hard truth. It’s hard to get over it, but once you do, it feels so refreshing. You have to evaluate if what that person is saying is even true, and in all honesty, who cares if someone comments how much they hate something physical about you because your self-image does not define you. People will want to surround themselves with you because of the type of person you are, not because of the size of your thigh. 

I hope that this piece can help you with the growth of your mindset because everyone deserves it. Best of luck during your freshman year–you’ve got this!

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