What’s Up With the West?

A review of a few National Parks (and some other sights and cities) in Utah, Arizona, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Colorado.

Nothing embodies the natural beauty and luster of The United States the way the National Parks do. The wild uniqueness of each park makes you want to visit as many as you possibly can. Although the National Parks are not exactly commonly viewed as on par with the seven wonders of the world, they are truly magnificent sights. The incredible rock formations of Utah, the snow-topped mountains of Colorado, and the geysers of Wyoming. They serve as an asylum from an industrial environment, a serene oasis from our consumerist society.

Here is my review of the National Parks I have visited, based on my experience with them! All photos included are my own.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial
The Crazy Horse Memorial
Beartooth Pass, Wyoming
Great Sand Dunes National Park

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