McKenna Hewett

McKenna completing her race at the Woodford County Invitational.

McKenna Hewett

McKenna is a senior at WCHS who has been part of the Cross Country team for several years as well as the Track team. I wanted to highlight her, along with other seniors on the Track Team, by asking her about her experiences and memories that she cherishes from her time with Woodford County. Here’s what she said!

Q- Tell us a little about yourself. What events do you compete in for WCHS?

A- “I’m McKenna Hewett and I’m a distance and mid-distance runner. In the past, I could compete in the 1600 and 3200, and now I specialize in the 800 and am on the 4×800 team.”

If you are unfamiliar with track vocabulary, the 1600 is around a mile, with the 3200 being around 2 miles and the 800 being around half of a mile. The 4×800 relay consists of 4 people each running an 800, and there are relays for other distances or a combination of distances as well.

Q- When did you start doing track?

A- “I started doing track when I was a Sophomore in High School and have done it ever since.”

Q- What has been your favorite memory from your time on the track team?

A- “My favorite memory from Track is jumping into random track events with my friends on the team and doing sprinter events that we normally wouldn’t do! And whenever we would have free runs, we would play zombie tag or other fun things!”

Q- What is something that you’ve learned from your time on the track team?

A- “While being a part of the Track and Field team, I’ve learned a lot of values. These include: seeing the hard work we put in coming to fruition, patience when recovering, working as a team, competing as a team and individually, and much more! These values will only benefit myself and others as we apply them and succeed individually and together! I’ve also learned the importance and value of Coach Brooke’s passed down saying: ‘Be where you are.’ As we focus on where we are and what we’re doing, only success can derive from our focused efforts.”

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As we focus on where we are and what we’re doing, only success can derive from our focused efforts.”

— McKenna Hewett

Q- What are some of your goals for this track season?

A- “My goals for this track season, as my senior track season, are to embrace all the time I have on the track and only put in my best! Not every day will be a good day, but I can at least make it the best it can be! I also want to help underclassmen enjoy track and field and to improve as a team.”

Q- What are your post graduation plans?

A- “After high school, I plan to attend BYU-Hawaii, get my Bachelors in Biology, and serve my Full Time Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, then work towards my PharmD at the University of Kentucky and become a pharmacist.”

McKenna is also a star in the classroom, maintaining a 4.2 GPA and being involved in NHS+Beta Club. She also is the HOSA Treasurer, Nintendo Club Treasurer, and a volunteer at Mentors & Meals, along with many other accomplishments. Her other hobbies include photography, ice skating, yoga, music, and cooking.

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