List of Moments in Black American History for History Teachers

April 5, 2021

Dred Scott v Sanford, 1857
The Emancipation Proclamation, 1862 & 1863
War Department General Order 143; The creation of the Colored Troops in 1863
Wade-Davis Bill giving African-Americans in southern states the right to vote in 1864
The Jim Crow segregation laws passed in 1871-1959
Ida B. Wells launches her anti-lynching campaign
Plessy v Ferguson, 1896
Chicago Defender, Chicago’s first Black newspaper, is launched in 1903
Madam C. J. Walker becoming the first self made millionaire in 1913
The Great Migration, begins around 1910-1920
Red Summer Race Riots, 1919
The massacre of The Greenwood District in 1921
Executive Order 9981: Desegregation of the Armed Forces in 1948
Brown v Board of Education, 1954
Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955
The Greensboro Woolworth Sit-In, 1960
Freedom Riders fight segregation across the south in 1961
Birmingham Campaign and church bombing in 1963
Equal Pay Act of 1963
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivers “I Have a Dream” speech in 1963
Bloody Sunday, 1965
The creation of The Black Panther Party in 1966
Thurgood Marshall appointed to be the first Black Supreme Court Justice in 1967
Loving v Virginia,1967
The Stonewall Riots, 1969
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